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Gymboo.com is fairly complex so our full design brief contains all the details you will need to interpret our requirements and respond accordingly and must therefore be carefully read. Please ensure you do this if you intend to submit any work, as we have deliberately written it to avoid as many delays / misunderstandings as possible.

Gymboo.com is a young and dynamic online health & fitness resource for two main user classes:

1) Consumers, such as people who want to get fit (e.g. members of the public who may use gyms or run in the park), anyone interested in a nutrition diary, those training for a particular goal or sporting event (e.g marathon, endurance level, etc) or even athletes, sports teams, etc.

2) Fitness professionals such as personal trainers who use the ERP-version of the system to manage their client portfolio (who in turn will have their own user profiles on the system) as well as gyms or sports centres.

It provides a modern web-based solution with fitness-savvy tools and features including progress tracking, a nutrition diary, social networking with like-minded individuals, and in addition for fitness professionals and their clients - real-time scheduling and payment system.


We are looking for a nice, clean and elegant web 2.0 designed website to officially launch Gymboo.com. The look and feel of the site needs to convey a sense of credibility & expertise in the health & fitness industry while still appealing to a wide fitness-savvy consumer audience and without feeling corporate. We have developed our own proprietary backend system powering the Gymboo.com tools and features and it will be available in beta mode while the website is being built.

The tools and features offered by Gymboo.com have been created and developed together with fitness industry practitioners and are designed to be run in a highly streamlined, automated and digital web 2.0 environment. The website which initially will act as a platform to market and provide our products, and as the company grows will also become part of an ERP package for gyms and sports centres.

We want the feeling of health & fitness to come across throughout the website in a positive, fun, playful but professional way. There needs to be a good balance in the tone & character so that paying subscribers (fitness professionals) perceive Gymboo.com as an invaluable industry tool without feeling dry & technical, and the general social community of fitness-savvy users (clients & consumers) feel it is extremely approachable and not intimidating.

Fitness & gyms can often feel very macho / masculine and off-putting to women. We want to appeal to both men & women, so the overall style of the site must attract both. It must therefore be very user-friendly in a gender-neutral way. Gymboo.com already has a growing global audience via its Twitter feed and should be designed with this in mind.

The design we need should cover:

1. Homepage

2. Design templates

3. 5-6 email design templates

The Gymboo.com website will be powered by the companys proprietary backend system, which is under development. See the section Gymboo Backend System below for details including screenshots. This system will be skinned using the design templates that you provide. Therefore the requirement is limited to flat proof Photoshop images that will be encoded by our developers. You do not need to provide HTML or any kind of coding.

The site should be optimised for viewing on browsers users with screen resolution of 1024 X 768 or larger.


For the consumer user class - our target group are mainly men & women, age group 15 45, although we are aware that growing interest in health & fitness means wider audiences are getting involved (kids aged 10 18 in schools & 45+ year olds)

For the fitness professionals - our target group are mainly male & female fitness professionals, age group 15 65, who tend to be very passionate, independent and knowledgeable of their craft and particularly pride themselves on empowering each client to feel great, look great and function better.






These sites, though aesthetically wanting, are highly functional and easy to use:

4. http://www.zappos.com

5. http://www.figleaves.com

6. http://www.glassesdirect.com

Our major Wants

Fresh, Web 2.0 Style

Clear, distinct content sections

Flexible sections where we can have realtime content, ie Workout of the Month, Gymboo Competitions, etc

Use of original cartoony character icons if possible, to create an overall Gymboo story. Ideally these become identifiable by consumers

Clean, minimalist, modern, and fun / playful

Needs to be corporate/trendy

Ability to easily turn into RSS/XHTML/CSS

Very SEO Friendly

In line with the style of our logo and business cards

White background or very lightly shaded background (see Gyminee / Graze.com examples)

Ability to add/edit new sections if needed (hence enough room left in the menu bar for growth


Our major Dislikes

Techie /dry feeling- must be bold, strong, and look in some part to be connected to health & fitness

Loud, electric, neon colours

Dark background

Cheesy photos

Font shadows of any kind

Text-heavy pages

Static feeling

Overly complex



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