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Future Quest Wireless Inc www.futurequest.biz specializes in GPS tracking systems for commercial business. This project is to build the web layout templates & associated graphics for a new website that will be purely dedicated to GPS tracking under a new brand name called: GPS Commander. (www.gpscommander.com) Our goal is to have a very professional, Web 2.0 looking GPS Commander site that is easy to read, easy to navigate and highly informative. We also need a logo design to match please see the logo postings we will favor creators that submit both as they will flow together better.

GPS Commander will specialize in providing GPS tracking solutions to commercial businesses. Web visitors will choose whether they want to track a vehicle, trailer, asset or person. Then they will choose the type of tracking device that suits this purpose, for example a Blackberry, Smartphone or a black box to be installed in a vehicle. Then they will choose their tracking plan. They will be able to build an on-line quote based on their needs and email the quote to themselves or order directly on-line with eCommerce.

GPS Commander is a web-based GPS tracking portal using Google maps with street and satellite view, real-time traffic congestion and Google Earth capability. Customers will not have to buy or install any software they can simply access the real-time location of their vehicles, equipment or employees from any internet connected browser. Tracking device options will range from customer provided GPS cellular handsets to competitively priced GPS Commander branded in-vehicle black boxes, asset tracking and personal tracking devices. Other features included geo-fence, speeding & other alerts, history playback, printed reports, etc.


This project is to build the web layout/template graphics for gpscommander.com. The interim logo as you will see in the attached documents uses a stencil type font to give it a military type appearance. We initially liked the idea of a military web theme because it can be tied into characteristics such as durability, timeliness, honor, accuracy, integrity, reliability, safety, discipline, value, etc. We welcome any submissions with this theme but we certainly do not want to limit submissions to only this type of theme. Feel free to propose any theme or color scheme. Also, feel free to copy or change the attached sample logo.

Please refer to the attached sample web layout. We require (1) Home page template, (2) How It Works page template with graphic backdrops for each of the 4 videos, (The How It Works page of the website will incorporate 4 separate animated flash videos to explain our solutions and sign up process) (3) Features page template (we will supply the large graphic images for the right side of the page) and (4) the Pricing & Signup page template with graphics to suit each of the 4 steps. We also require (5) the template for the page that will appear when any link on the features page is selected.


Our target audience is small to medium commercial businesses that have a fleet of people or assets or vehicles they wish to track. These types of service organizations benefit by tracking their people and mobile assets through increased productivity and employee safety, reduced fuel consumption, theft, speeding, employee moonlighting, improved customer service, etc.


We like the simplicity and ease of navigation of www.grasshopper.com. The attached pdf shows how GPS Commander would be laid out if we were to use a similar design. Feel free to work with this concept or any other concept that you recommend. Regardless of the design proposed, the How It Works page will feature 4 separate 30 second animated flash videos that we will have professionally produced to match the chosen design. We like the web 2.0 feel and the simplicity of http://highrisehq.com/. Their pricing and signup page is nice and simple: http://highrisehq.com/signup. This site has simple navigation and a web 2.0 feel: www.deversus.com


Dynamic, Web 2.0 fresh appearance that speaks advanced technology, yet is friendly, simple to navigate and encourages on-line purchasing. Please include all required navigation link buttons. We want www.gpscommander.com to make ordering a tracking simple as 1..2..3..4..Done! Layers should be grouped properly and every layer and group should be labelled descriptively in psd/ai file format. Please use simplicity and consistency in use of fonts and type sizes. Please maintain a disciplined family of 2-3 fonts/sizes. We will provide professional animated flash videos on the How It Works page to explain the product and processes. See the flash videos on this site as an example of how they would appear: http://grasshopper.com/how-it-works/



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