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The website layout task listed below relates to the previous logo project also listed on this site. General information about our company (Golden Pedal) is also listed below.

We strongly encourage designers to submit logos and website ideas. However, we may choose two separate designs made by different artists. This project requires at least a 2.0 design, but, lets take it to a level above that.

We are an internet marketing company that provides professional consulting with an emphasis on research and development. We consider ourselves reformist and this attitude translates into a vision that places Golden Pedal at the forefront of sustainable progress. We expect our clients to experience innovation and advancement without feeling bombarded with modern pressures of the information age. Therefore, a simple, clean, and manageable design that respects the intelligence of the possible client should drive the layout of the site.

Our Vision:

A bicycle stands as one example of the Western industrial advancement, and although it only played a small role in 19th century technological advancements, it represented a symbol of individual mobility. The independence one gained from traveling without the help of an animal reflected progress. Man could easily use his body to propel himself into a new space. Essentially, the bicycle set the tone for the cultural symbolism embodied by the automobile.

The fundamental value of a pedal rests in its simplistic design. Gold projects an image of value and strength. Consequently, Golden Pedal combines simplistic optimization with a solid representation of quality. These traits define the direction of the company. We take pride in our ability to revolutionize the world of e-commerce and we expect the design of the site to reflect the aforementioned qualities.

Images of the industrial revolution, the historical power of gold, and the current visual relationship people have with the internet should merge as our ideas appear on screen. Meaning, gold should be used to symbolize the stability of our company, and the pedal as small yet dynamic reminder of our desire to make a purposeful impact on the world of internet development.

We will utilize the power of contemporary technology to implement revolutionary systems for prospective client's, and we expect those involved in the realization of our vision to work within the parameters of their imaginations. We strongly encourage designers to move their creativity level to new heights.



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