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Yacht owners looking to sell quickly for cash and those looking to buy used big boats or yachts


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  • Slideshow

    A gallery of images that users can page through.

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    Search your website based on a simple search term.

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    Social Sharing

    Tools that help users share your website on their social media profiles.

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    Social Stream

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Concrete, Rigid, Mature, Minimal, Modern, Masculine, Serious, Luxurious
  • Home Page

  • "Sell my Boat" page

    This page will be a landing page where we promote our quick purchase of boats for immediate cash

  • API Search Results Page

    This page is the display of search results from the "Boats for Sale" search box

  • Individual API Search boat

    This is the individual page for a selected individual boat from the results of an API search

  • Testimonials Page

    A page displaying all the testimonials

  • Home Page Mobile

    This will be the responsive mobile version of the website

  • Blog Page

    Home Page for the blog

  • Featured Boats Page

    This is a page that will display the items on sale specifically from Global Marine Brokerage. Much like this information and structure on this page: https://globalmarineboats.com/boats-for-sale/

Measures of Success

Increase in leads for our purchase of boats and those looking for boats

Top 3 Things

Our ability to give an immediate fair amount of cash to liquidate boats, an extensive inventory of boats to sell, we are highly connected in the yacht market and can make any deal a visotor wants to happen.


We like our current site. the main reason to redevelop is to include the API search and results. We like several competitor site that have a full front page hero shot with a luxury boat, slogan/call to action, and search box

Additional Info

This is our current website:

We like these competitor websites:

We don't like the current Global marine Brokerage logo very much. We want to get a new logo but don't necessarily want to have it drive the website design. We will do a new project for the logo to fit the site once the site is designed. We like the Denisson Yachts logo becuase it is small and doesn't take over the site. We like how the logo and menu get smaller as the visitors scrolls before remaining static at the top. So for now we will use a placeholder logo.

For the featured hero image, we will upload several that we like so use any one or a few to fit your design and feel free to find and use any similar images.

We have created wireframes for the web pages listed.

Please watch the videos:
Home Page

Hero Shot:


API Search Results Page

Sell My Boat Page

Testimonial Page
This page will have the same information as the current testimonial page. Right now we have spearate tabs for Buyers and Sellers. But I think we should find a clearer way of displaying both of them without having to click on the site. Maybe we can have tabs at the top that flip between the two types. or just have one first. The sidebar of the testimonial page should contain in this order. The "get instant cash for your boat" call to action. The "about Joe" call to action. The Hot list signups, The "Search for Your Boat" search box. And put the featured blog posts at the bottom.



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