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McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, Inc. (MHMH) first opened its doors in 1957

MHMH serves Butler and Preble counties in Ohio and Franklin, Union and Fayette counties in eastern Indiana

Main Hospital - located in Oxford, OH, Urgent Care/Outpatient Services Ross, OH, Clinic Brookville, IN, Medical Office Building Oxford, OH, Physical Therapy Hamilton, OH

Employees over 500 clinical and non-clinical staff

MHMH is a fully accredited hospital serving about 800,000 people annually

Brand Position:

McCullough Hyde Memorial Hospital people are uniquely committed to improving the health of our 5-county community through highly personal, compassionate, forward-thinking care. While other hospitals may offer newer facilities or higher technology, none captures the level of trust that McCullough Hyde has earned by treating patients and families as individuals rather than numbers.

Brand Promises:

a. McCullough Hyde Memorial Hospital treats patients like family, serving their needs through high-quality, proactive care and providing them with the physicians, technology and resources they need to be well.

b. You are treated like a person

c. We listen to your needs

d. We share information

e. We communicate through words, actions and physical touch

f. We are responsive to your needs

g. Your safety is paramount to us

h. Quality care is the bedrock of our commitment to you

i. We educate the public through screenings, seminars, and other dialogue on health care issues.

j. We bring the latest technology close to home

k. Our physicians are board certified, bringing you the right care at the right time and place

l. If we do not provide the service you need, we will connect you with the most appropriate treatment facility

Owned Phrase:

One on One Care

Brand Essence:

Compassion Expressed not only in our warmth, but also in the quality of our clinical care.


Redesign our public website mhmh.org to better represent our new image and new service offerings to the communities served. Our new image is Another side of McCullough Hyde we are trying to express that as a community hospital, we can serve the needs of the majority of patients and coordinate care for those who have needs we cant meet.

The website will be for presentation on the public internet for an audience of varied interests and association (customers, partners, employees, suppliers, etc).

Site design must be useable within a web content management system.

Final deliverables must include a CSS file (NOT THE CODE - please include a CSS file describing the fonts and table formatting you are using) and all the files for the designs, images, graphics for (at a minimum) the following:


- home page

- 2 separate content pages

- search page

- advanced search page

- search results page

- menu and submenu styles

- login page

- navigator

buttons, navigation icons, and image files used in all pages

all relevant CSS stylesheets


1. Patients become loyal after receiving care at MHMH

2. Patients and family members always recommend us to the larger community

3. We have three to four main psychographic target audiences

a. Big Sky Families

i. Younger rural families who turn high school education and blue colaar jobs into upper-middle-class lifestyles

ii. Entertain their sprawling families by virtually every sport possible

b. Mayberry-ville

i. Harken back to an old fashioned way of life

ii. Moderate homes

iii. Use discretionary cash to purchase campers, pickup trucks and motorcycles

c. Shotguns and pickups

i. Young, working-class couples with large families

ii. 1/3 live in mobile homes and may not have internet connectivity

iii. As stated in the description, most are owners of hunting rifles and pickup trucks

Recent focus group testing revealed that the public sees the hospital as having warmly human characteristics. If describing the hospital as a person, she would look like this A kind, upbeat mother of four in her late 40s or early 50s. She is healthy, smart, well-educated and down-to-earth. She is honest and frugal, but also forward-thinking, with a keen interest in the technological advances that keep her family well.



o RH side - link to an event calendar, download of a community newsletter and links to other sources of health information.

o LH side links to many other needs the patient may have.

o LH side cascaded submenu


o Physician Bio pages are very well organized

o Physician Directory advanced search options

o On Consulting Specialist page, gives definitions of specialists and has separate searchable databases for primary care physicians and specialty physicians.


o Main page contains numerous choices with an overall clean look, is appealing to the eye and easy to navigate.


o Main page is appealing to the eye, nice white space, designed for mobile computing, and easy to navigate.


We are open to any and all design suggestions. We dont want something that looks cookie cutter, but would prefer a clean, well organized look, yet a unique website that can be used as a game changer for MHMH.

Site design must fit easily into a web content management system. All cutups and layout materials must be included.

Logo guidelines are attached to this project brief as are examples of recent print marketing materials used in the new branding launch.



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