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About Us

Our core values: Freedom, Fun, Profit, and Growth we have been successful business owners in the fitness industry for over 15 years. Our new project, Fit2Go Trainers is a concept that makes personal training more convenient to the public. We deliver fitness to workplaces, homes, recreation centers, the park, or where ever you like. And we do even more than that we match the right personal trainer with each fitness client. When personal trainers join the Fit2Go Trainers Alliance they are harnessing the powerful economies of scale that we have created, so that they can effortlessly fill their schedules while they focus on what they love to do train fitness clients.

About the Project

We have redesigned our logo (attached) thank you to the www.crowdspring.community for this and we want a redesigned website to transmit the same kind of punch and energy as this new logo.

We have refocused our content (attached) to primarily target new fitness clients for Fit2Go Trainers.

Home Page

Purpose it will be like a magazine cover, designed to attract new fitness clients with a simple, clear, compelling message.

We would like to create an emotional connection with the right graphics and stock photography.

Template for other pages on the website

We also want the other pages of the site to create energy and emotion that is compelling to both personal trainers and new fitness clients. The right graphics and stock photography will achieve this objective.

What we like:

1. We like our new logo.

2. We like the idea of larger print fonts (than what you will see on our current site), as many of our potential clients prefer a more legible and easier to read font.

3. We like graphics and stock images that appeal to middle and upper income people from 25 55 years of age, baby boomers with more financial means likely being a larger part of our target market.

What we dont want:

1. Busyness and clutter.

2. Inappropriate sexual images.

3. Images of unhealthy people.

4. Images of people in a fitness club (remember that we deliver the fitness).

5. Images of people appearing to be strained while exercising we want to create the feeling of energy and freedom an intense image would detract from this.

6. Clipart.

We have attached the following:

1. Our logo.

2. A copy of the revised outline and content for our new site.



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