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About Advocate

We are a small money manager based in Chicago, Illinois (USA). The firm is

responsible for investing the assets of wealthy families and institutional

funds (endowments, foundations, hospitals, and corporate pension funds).

Our clients entrust us to invest their money in the stock and bond markets,

mainly in the United States but also overseas. We have been doing this for

several years, although the main individuals involved have many decades of

experience at other firms.

Our firm is private and low-key, meaning that we do not advertise to the

general public. We are not stock brokers nor do we sell investment

products for commission. We gain clients through referrals from existing

clients or intermediaries (such as attorneys or accountants). Think of

private banking or wealth management in large banks.

The firms name, Advocate Asset Management LLC, is derived from its

philosophy of engaging clients in the spirit of full disclosure and the

highest ethical standards. To this end, the firm is totally independent of

all financial ties and all other financial organizations so as to serve the

sole interests of its clients without distractions that would compromise its


Objective of this Project .

We are looking for a new website that communicates information about our

firm. This project involves designing the look and feel of a first-level

(main) page, as well as a template for second-level pages. We prefer a

simple, crisp design that hopefully incorporates a sense of who we are.

We are looking for at least a few items to exist on the main page:

Links to

Contact Us

About Advocate

Investment Philosophy


Investment Outlook

Log In

Also, some sort of eye-catching graphic (either constant or rotating among

several images)

We would prefer a crisp design, not too busy on the main page. It should

suggest some sort of trust between our clients and our firm, a sense of

respect and responsibility for what we do (see above description of what we


The new website is not meant to be interactive or sell a product. It is

meant to

communicate our current investment strategy,

allow existing clients to login to view their confidential information

(about their investments), and

Permit prospective clients to download some quarterly investment outlook

communications that we send out to our clients.

We want to convey to visitors that this is a serious, solid organization,

with a long track-record of relevant experience, and that we want to partner

with investors that do not want to be sold investment products.

Themes: Preferred and to be Avoided

We seem to be attracted to a nature theme flowers, prairies, landscapes,

etc. (because several of the employees just like nature). So, if you have

any ideas to incorporate these types of images that could work well.

Abstract images work fine also. You can see some of our existing office art

below under Photos to get a sense of what is hanging in our office now.

BUT, dont feel that you have to use this theme. If you like something else,

please use it.

We should note that we have some negative preferences in terms of themes; we

would prefer that there are no images or themes that have to do with money,

or stock charts, financials quotes, etc.

Current Web Site

Our current website is www.advocateam.com. Do not be constrained by the

existing web site design, logo or text on this website. Feel free to express

your ideas in whatever manner you think meets the objective of this creative



Our current logo is attached to this project (it is not the logo on the

current website). Note that we are not tied to this look. We just started

using this logo a few months ago as a departure from using the logo on our

current website. Feel free to suggest something else if you have a better

idea that works better with your design.

If you want to use the current logo, you can size it however you want.

Photos (existing office art)









Other websites that interest us

Other websites that have crisp, straightforward design (obviously, these

designs are the property of their owners, so do not copy them; they are for

brainstorming only)








A few other websites that are good but appear too crowded for our taste









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