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"WikiOsra" is a family counseling website that provides community-driven and professional academics guidance to people all around the world to build a sound and stable home. The name WikiOsra is composed of two words; "wiki" refers to the concept that the website is driven by the community. The word "osra" is the Arabic name for "family"... So basically WikiOsra means "how-to family"... The website will have articles, questions & answers (answered by specialists privately, or by community publically), blog posts, videos, one-on-one counseling, groupsetc. All related to information about how to have a healthy and stable family.

Its a social networking website (ala web 2.0 style). The portal will utilize Facebook Connect for login. Unique services will be developed as mashups over giants like Google and twitter. Also reaching the Facebook community will be through a specially developed version of the website using Facebook Apps.

As an example of websites that are similar to ours in concept, however, in smaller scale:



NOTE : we DONT want a similar design.


-The website content is divided according to 4 stages each person goes through in his life:

o Single: still wandering or seeking their significant other

o In a relation

o Katb Ketab (which is a pre-marital state in muslim countries in which a couple are officially husband and wife but without living together yet. Its a milestone of commitment and seriousness of a couples relationship)

o Married

- On the landing page, those stages should be very distinctive through creative design. The latest news from each section will be displayed on the main page and the user can switch between each stage easily. They can either click and open a specific item (let it be an article, video..etc) or open the whole section all together.

- All the information should be shown with minimal scrolling possible

- A standard bottom-page menu (copyrights, contact us, etc)

- A place for snippets (polls, videos, pics, quotes, etc)

- Landing page will serve as the main page design for different page designs.

Please note also that this is NOT a dating website, though normal communication between community members wont be restricted. Members may chat, discuss in forums and write on each others wall.

We dont really have a clear idea of what the page will look like, so let imagination fly. Just keep in mind the concept of the family described above, and the age group.


Our target audiences are males and females from the ages of 18-40. These people are well oriented with the web and its applications; they are educated and well off.

The concept of the family for the target audience is a bit different than that in the west in that it is more intimate and family bonds are much stronger. Having a strong and stable family is an important goal for the people within that age group.

Normally peoples relationship knowhow is heavily relied on the knowledge of friends and family members, thus, each person has his own version of what is right and what is wrong. This creates a lot of disturbance to freshly married couples which causes an increasing trend in divorce rates. We aim to unify this experience by creating a beacon of shared knowledge.



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