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We are a ticket reselling service that lists over 7,000,000 tickets for purchase to all sorts of events including concerts, sports and theatre. Nothing incredibly deep in our business model - it is really all about conversions. We also look to build a lasting relationship with customers through registration and communication. See TicketDisco.com for an example of our existing site.

We also have a "VIP" page which is the exact same as the main ticketdisco.com site, but for registered users which offers lower pricing on ticket purchases. This is a key point for us to get email address and visitor information for future use. We have not done a good job of promoting this to date.

We are not 100% sold on "TicketDisco" as our site name - do not feel you need to use this. Your design does not have to incorporate disco, or any other specifics that you see in the current design. We have many domain names and will choose the right name for the site based on the design.


We are looking for a fresh look to split test against our existing site. Our current site is "fun" but maybe we should be more corporate looking to instill more purchaser trust. Our competitors include stubhub, ticketsnow, ticketliquidators and others.

We want to open our eyes to a site that instills confidence in the purchase process with us, is simple to navigate and find the information on the desired event and most importantly - converts eyeballs to buyers. We possess all the technical ability we need - but need some fresh ideas and concepts.

Please be sure to also click on an event to view an event page and click through to see the availability page as well. These pages are as important if not more important than the homepage since PPC advertising campaigns will direct some visitors to these pages as their first page.

Please also visit a category page (sports, concerts, theatre) as we would want to have a layout template for these as well.

The pages that we would need to see in a completed project would be:

1 Homepage template

2 Category template

3 Event list template (you see this when you click on a specific event, click on a concert listing on our site to see what I am talking about)

4 Availability page (this is the page you see when you select a specific date for a show)

The data is all database driven so these would all be templates that our system "fills in" with data.


Because we sell tickets to entertainment and all types of entertainment we have a large demographic depending on the type of event. We want a visitor to our site to feel confident that they are purchasing from a reputable company and that they will recieve their tickets as promised, and on time for the event.

Most purchases happen within 2 weeks of the event date so it is important to have some good call to action. Most visitors to our site will purchase within 1-2 days of their first visit and many purchase on their first visit.

We also want visitors to feel that this is the location to come to for all events in future both to normal visitors and most likely through encouraged registration and promotion to registered users.

The promotion of the registration process and VIP program should be visible, but not overly distracting to the purchase funnel.


We have seen that a site such as stubhub.com converts very well and is very popular.

We like a minimal approach (not appearing too busy), but we are not set on any specifics.

Simple navigation is the most important - you can see on sites such as ticketliquidator.com they make the search a key part of the site. Site search is one of the key tools to a homepage visitor, but not as important on the event page or availability page.


We need to have a focus on buyer confidence. We have the largest selection of tickets available and have guarentees in place to protect a customer's purchase.

The design must be compatible with database connectivity - we can make that part work, but if all of the areas are graphics, we can't. The main body of the site needs to able to load quickly and be clean fonts.

Remember, we are not 100% sold on "TicketDisco" as our site name - do not feel you need to use this. If you would prefer to use a generic "TicketSite" placemark we may use one of our many other domain names for the design and look for future logo design.



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