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Business Info

Business Name

Ewalis Emotions

What do you do?

We provide high-end, cinematographic wedding films/videos to bridal couples in Europe.

Target Audience

What is your industry?

We cover a couple's wedding day with two to three videographers on site and deliver a high-end short movie (10 to 15 minutes) which keeps the memories of a wedding day alive. The resulting films are cut in a very modern way and shot using cinematographic tools like tracking shots, dollies, steadicams, etc. to provide very contemporary visuals. In addition, we usually deliver a two to three minute trailer within just two days of the wedding.

Describe your audience

We are in the 25-35 age bracket, and our bridal couples are usually in a similar range. They are enterpreneurs, doctors, managers or self-employed, with a very distinct understanding of modern style. They look for wedding videography which is different from the 98% of the market which they might consider "boring". They want to avoid anything cheesy looking. They are looking for a videography crew who can provide them with great, cool-looking results, and are used to a high degree of professionalism and results which exceed their expectations.

In the longer run, a certain part of our business will be generated via high-end wedding planners. They will look for the best possible wedding coverage *and* for someone who delivers a great experience while on-site at a wedding.

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate to your audience?

Artsy, but never cheesy. Minimalistic but not "forced". Professional but not boring. Fresh and bright.

Style and Concept

What styles do you like?

modern, european minimalism (but not too forced ;-)), focus on sample imagry/videos more than on us

What colors do you like or hate?

We have another project running for logo design right now. When picking a winner, we might need to tweak the color scheme to work with the logo. In general, we prefer stylish, bright ... but still professional.

Any other additional info? (optional)

We need a web site (www.ewalis.de) which displays our understanding of modern style while conveying the fun of working with us. Artsy, but never cheesy. Minimalistic but not "forced". Professional but not boring. Fresh and bright.

The web site should have the following pages:

* Start page, featuring between one and five of our most recent films (hosted on vimeo) and two paragraphs about what we do (please use lorem ipsums or similar during the design phase)
* "About" page
* "Investment" page
* Contact page (full company name, address, ...) and a contact form (coding for sending the email from the form can be done by us)
* Weblog (just a regular static design is ok, we will transfer the template to a weblog tool later on)

The main language of the web site will be German. The page names and links should reflect this ;-):

* Start page: "Start"
* Investment: "Investition"
* Contact: "Kontakt"
* Weblog: "Weblog"

All other content should simply be lorem ipsums for now.



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