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Tucson Clean & Beautiful (TCB) is a non-profit environmental organization, serving the metropolitan Tucson, Arizona area with a mission of environmental improvement, natural resource conservation, and quality-of-life improvement. Additional information is available in our creative brief (full brief attached)


We are in need of a website redesign for www.tucsoncleanandbeautiful.org. In the future, we may be updating our logo, however, for the this project the design should work with the existing logo.

We need a fresh, clean, easy to navigate website that:

* Provides better access our information (we have lots of it)

* Bubbles up information that people may not be aware of

* Promotes community & cross-program evolvement, not just one-time/one-program involvement

We need a design that is clean, easy to navigate, inviting, readable, etc. The design should be welcoming and inviting without being too wild.

Pages we need designed:

* Home Page: The homepage should address the needs above. See wireframe for layout, if you have ideas, please feel free to experiment.

* Content Page: We would like a content page that is usable for both hub pages (Trees for Tucson) as well as the secondary and tertiary pages.

* Recycling Directory: Currently located at http://www.tucsonaz.gov/tcb/rd. We are looking for a design that incorporates the search function (See wireframe)


Our specific target audiences vary by program, but potential site users include virtually every resident of the Tucson metropolitan area.

The site is also bilingual, targeting the estimated 15-20% or more of Tucson area residents whose primary language at home is Spanish.


* www.treepeople.org - VERY clean layout for homepage, entire page is above the fold, beautiful page, program area icons that showcase different program areas - all around excellent site for a similar nonprofit

* http://watershedmg.net - another local nonprofit in a related but non-overlapping arena, with relatively clean layout and several CTAs and effective programs highlighted, breadcrumb tells people where they are in the page; superfooter on this site could be something adaptable for the Recycling Directory at bottom or as secondary top header add-on to existing header.

* www.moiagroup.com - movement, clean layout, columns, easy navigation, earthtone colors, sign-up on front page

* www.arizonacleanandbeautiful.org - simpler, but includes columns, pictures, colorful, easy to use, clear call to action, hotlinks; an organization we are affiliated with

* http://esd.tucsonaz.gov - a partnering agency, recently redesigned, includes "what's new" updates, fairly easy navigation. (not entirely thrilled with color palate), also integrates into a much broader City of Tucson website seamlessly.

* www.saems.org - easy navigation, organization logo integrated in to web design, relatively clean (additional content has been added in center that pushed over the crease; originally had been limited

to the screen view)

* www.azhydrosoc.org - strong visual element at the top, columns, (sidebar text a little too small), subtle but bold color palette that helps separate the columns/sections, some white space (don't like the dead space on right)

* theappleblog.com - even with some dead space on the sides, the homepage header goes all the way across so the page doesn't look like it has as much dead space.



Please see current site, www.tucsoncleanandbeautiful.org for the existing color palette. Users have complimented the cream/green palette, however, we are both open to a new palette if it works with the overall aesthetic of TCB.


We dont have a large number of high quality images currently posted on the site, however, we want to leverage images as much as possible to add color and eye appeal to help balance the large amount

of text content that we have on the site.

Because we are a non-profit, the budget we have is somewhat limited so either publicly available photos, existing organization photo archives (some digital from the past 7 years; others scanned from archives) or custom photography may be necessary.


The primary navigation should be a horizontal bar that expands on mouseover.

In the wireframes we include both breadcrumb and secondary navigation on the left side of the screen (for content pages), for the final design we will be selecting one of these approaches and using it exclusively throughout the site.

Sizes and spacing

The page should be designed for 960px width, center aligned, grid-based layout. We want to try to have the main homepage content not running off the screen and would like to see some designs that avoid blank space on the sides of the page.



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