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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Norman's Rare Guitars www.normansrareguitars.com is a legendary guitar store in Los Angeles where top musicians and major celebrities hang out, jam, and purchase rare and vintage instruments. You can see that the exisiting site design is pretty messy and we are looking for something clean, modern, and professional.

What do you need?

- We like dark colors and this is a store that caters to male rockers so the color scheme should reflect that.

- We want something modern, we like web 2.0 looking designs.

- The logo should then go at the top of the page next to the contact information, store hours, address, etc.

-Please create a - Join Norm's Mailing List box that says - receive the latest Norm's news, events, and discounts

We definitely want our homepage to be unique so although we like the link below as an example we don't want a replica http://www.guitarcenter.com. This is really professional feeling which we like but maybe a little too corporate and not enough rock and roll.

Categories listed in the top nav - Guitar - Amps/Effects - Bass - Books - Clothing - Blog - Celebrities and Rock Stars at Norms

Where you currently see all of the guitar heads and brands we would like to replace that with something. If you want to get really creative, maybe a collage of celebrity photos, you can see some of the photos at the bottom of the page and then some under the famous friends category. There are some from the 1960's all the way up to the present.

We sell a lot of clothing on the site so please so please try to highlight that on the page with some photos of the hats, shirts, sweatshirts.

At the bottom of the page we need to have the streaming text links like http://www.GuitarCenter.com
1. My Normans Rare Guitars

2. Shop by Brand
with all brands listed like above

3. Shop by Category
with all the categories that are listed at the top of the page

4. Follow Norman's Rare Guitars
Twitter logo
Facebook logo
Myspace logo
Youtube logo

I would like these social networking buttons to look custom, not run of the mill.

Overall be sure to highlight the guitars, clothing, celebrities, and video section. Norm's is famous in Los Angeles and we want his website to be a reflection of that.

I have included the updated versions of the logo below and it looks a little more crisp. Although we don't want any major changes to the logo, if you want to play around with color or VERY minor details that is alright.

Who Is Your Audience?

Male dominated
Rock crowd
Age range 18 - 65


We Like These Examples

We are not over the moon about Guitar Center but in terms of the professional look and feel it's great www.guitarcenter.com. We are looking for something unique to us, that isn't as corporate.

We Absolutely Must Have

Dark color scheme
Modern, clean look
Easy to navigate - user friendly design
Room for text in different areas. You see that we have text on the homepage now but the placement looks terrible. We want to incorporate text for SEO purposes but not too much so that it interferes with the design.



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