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Our motto is Yublu is the place where language disappears

Yublu is acting both as a dating and a community website.

In the Russian side of Yublu, we will have an e-commerce site for our Russian members who will be all women. We are planning to give them various cosmetic products, accessories, perfumes and other things that they desire.

The crucial part in our market is we are not selling any of the goods that we are showing we are giving all of those free to our customers who are actively engaged within our community like messaging with their friends in Yublu and inviting the ones who are not members to Yublu.

They are earning Yub points for those interactions and activities and then they will have the opportunity to select the items that they desire.


You can find the current version of the Yublu Market from the website:


This e-commerce page design will be probably different than those you may seen or designed. The reason this page will not be the homepage of our website because we are not an e-commerce website, we are a community website who's giving gifts to its members just like Robin Hood :)) (please dont use Robin Hood illustrations on the page :) )

But we may direct some of the first visitors to this page via google adwords so we would like to impress people make them think about our site. They should think well what's free thing about?

We will have a blog in our website which is currently being developed at www.yublublog.com and we would like to have some of the things that we are talking to our Yublu Market page.

So you will wonder what we are writing in yublublog, the issues at there are mostly cosmetics, latest product reviews, make up tips, gossip and relationships tips.

When you look at Yublu Market, you will probably see the half Turkish half Russian version of the website. But our website has 2 different themes: One is for IP numbers within Russia and one is for IP numbers out of Russia.

Yublu Market will be available for only Russian girls so the site will be in Russian.

We want to completely change the structure and design of our site to have a much appealing website.

We would like to incorporate several elements to our product page. The things that should appear on our product pages are as follows: (I will put those things as an attachment here but please dont consider it as an illustration as what we want, i am just putting it to help you clarify the issues)

i. Selling price will be given in Russian money unit (rubles) and there will be a line crossing on it meaning money is not used in here.

ii. We want write Free = xxx Yub. When the user clicks on it she will go to a page where she can see what does Yub mean. And also she will know the Yub quantity of the product. We are not developing the symbol of Yub and we can incorporate it into our product page.

iii. Review on yublu blog will appear on some of the products.We are currently developing a blog at www.yublublog.com and we will have some reviews in there. So if the user clicks on the link she will be directed to the post mentioning that products. (But this will be optional not every product will have a Review on Yublublog

iv. Add to shopping cart is the easiest button i guess. We may prefer to use a stylish Add to shopping cart logo in here.

We kindly request from the creative designers to develop an e-commerce site that will create desire& curiosity in Russian girls to have/learn stuff in our market.

So the deliverables that we are expecting are:

i. An e-commerce website

ii. The product details window (when a user click on our "Detay" link a pop-up window will appear, you can see it from our current design)

In the product detail window we would like to see the things that we listed above like:

Selling price in rubles (a cross will appear on it)

Free= xxx yub

Review on yublublog (this will exist for some of the products so design should feel contact even without this link)

Add to shopping cart icon

We dont carry a lot of inventory because we are giving our products free so you will notice that we carry around 40-50 products and this number will not exceed 100. So you may take this into account when designing Yublu market and our product detail pop up page.

If you have any question about my brief, please feel free to contact me whenever you want,




18-30 aged Russian women


The color code of: http://www.lalicious.com

The product description of (featured product) : http://www.bigbrownbox.com.au/

the simplicity of: http://www.meandmommytobe.com/



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