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Project Description

This is a website that allows authors to create event guides online. These

guides are then available to the public to view.

The website has 2 areas :

1. The public area where users can browse/search the guides

2. The member area where they can browse/search but also add/edit/delete

their own guides.

A guide consists of chapters which are made up of many chapter details (i.e. information).

Members can associate tags with either the guides or chapter details for filtering and

organisation. The chapter details can consist of text, images, maps and audio.

Creative Brief

I am looking for the following:

1. Main Page (public area)

- I'm looking to have the main page (the public area) and the member area pages designed.

- There should be a way for the user to browse and search the guides.

- Also possible to browse through authors

- Criteria for search is based on the name and tags.

- Then we also need to be able to show the guides - these should have a prominent place

on the page.

- A place for advertisment should also be allowed.

- The user also needs the ability to login, signup and provide feedback

2. Member Area (private area)

- In the member area it should be possible to create, edit and delete the guides/chapters and

chapter details.

- A guide will consist of a name, tags and country.

- A chapter will consist of a name

- Chapter details will consist of name, tags, address, text, map and audio/picture file.

- In the member area we will also need to be a way to display the guides

- The member also needs the ability to provide feedback, logout

3. Logo Created

- I also need a logo created. The name of the site will be called Guidicus. I would

like the name in the logo. The logo should also appear on the site.

- the logo will primarily be used for web based but may also need to be transferable

to stationary.

I am very receptive to new ideas and especially the Web 2.0 look. Please don't post a similar design with just a bit of tweaking. The site is being developed in flex/flash so let your imagination run wild!



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