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Software & Technology

About Your Company

Provide customized directory apps and online directory solutions for schools and organizations. Target audience is schools (PTAs, school admins, principals), home owner's associations, neighborhoods, charities, women's groups, professional organizations, teams, clubs, fraternities/sororities, alumni organizations, businesses, etc. Any organization that wants a secure directory "on the go" is our target. Our strategy is focused on providing the best directory solution.


Colors to Explore




Preferred Fonts
  • Sans-serif

  • Mono

  • No Preference

Required Features
  • Slideshow

    A gallery of images that users can page through.

  • Search

    Search your website based on a simple search term.

  • Social Sharing
    Social Sharing

    Tools that help users share your website on their social media profiles.

  • User Login
    User Login

    Allows you to have content specific to logged in users.

  • Video

    Embedded video from sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

  • Other

    Something else not listed here. Please specify in your brief.

Concrete, Organic, Economical, Youthful, Playful, Feminine, Minimal, Modern
  • Homepage

    Main page / landing page. Should probably include menu items for Features, Pricing, Solutions, About Us, Support/Contact Us, Login, Free Trial. Landing page content should have our explainer video and basic info about why choose DirectorySpot and possibly customer testimonials, and our size?

  • Solutions/Product

    We have 2 versions of our product - one for schools and one for other organizations. We currently have several "solutions" on our site but they are copies of eachother with lots of text used for SEO - this could definitely be simplified. The Login and Free Trial buttons should probably be on every page? You can see all of our current content at www.directoryspot.net

  • Features

    We have many features and need some clean and modern icons and then possibly drill down to more detail. You can see them on www.directoryspot.net

Measures of Success

Increased sales

Top 3 Things

Customized app, quick and easy to set up/launch, full of features


Crisp, clean, easy to navigate, full of images (product and other). Don't want to see as much text as we have now.

Additional Info

Main competitors are :
www.myschoolanywhere.com, https://www.atozdirectories.com, https://www2.membershiptoolkit.com
I like membershiptoolkits site the best. Our current site has just expanded as we added features and it somewhat unorganized, lacks images, too much text, and is outdated. Looking for updated look and feel. Our color has always been green as originally we were sort of a "green solution" meaning save paper and go online with your directory. We are open to anything. Our customers LOVE our product and how easy it is to set up and maintain so need to show this in our site.



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