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EXAMPLE is a new website that offers a service for online dating. Our major goal is to introduce users to each other who are willing to discover new interesting people, flirt with each other, meet in real life or even start a relationship. Were introducing potential couples to each other based on common interests or behavior. One major element to get to know new people will be games and quizzes that offer an easy and uncomplicated way of getting a conversation started.

But we like to emphasize that we are clearly different from all the other desperate looking dating sites like match.com and eharmony.com (where people would never admit using them). We also focus on combining the evolving trend of social networking with the wish of finding the right partner. Therefore we deeply integrate our product in social networks. We will have two application appearances: One as a normal website and one other as a facebook application, both will have the same look and feel, and the same functionality.


We need you to design 3 basic pages.

1. Homepage (which visitors see when they visit our WEBSITE for the first time):

Clearly optimized for a high conversion rate (As many people as possible should register after their visit)

MUST have elements:

- Logo

- Register Form with email address only, Submit Button (prominent)

- Login with facebook Button (prominent; for button see here: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/guid...

- Link to Login Page (not in focus)

CAN have elements (optional):

- Social Widgets (see here: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/guid...

- Call to Action Picture/Text why I should register

- Success stories


- Classical dating elements: hearts, Love sings, etc.

2. Search Result Page / List of User Profiles

Here a user can perform a search for other users and see the results in different views (e.g. list with basic profile data, list with activities (like in facebook),). It should help the user to identify interesting users which he then can interact with directly or go to the detailed profile page.

MUST elements List:

- Logo

- Main navigation elements: Home, Search Box, Account/Profile

- List Title (What is the name of the List, e.g.: activity stream New York)

- List elements

CAN elements list:

- refinements (search criteria)

- sorting

- grouping

- display type (More details, less details)

MUST elements per single List Element (Profile)

- Picture

- Nickname

- interaction element: Send a message

CAN elements per single List Element (Profile)

- Age

- Gender

- Location

- Status Message

- last Activities (analog facebook wall) and according symbols (sent a gift, uploaded a picture, quiz results)

- other Interaction elements: Add to Favorite, Wink, Hide, Send a Gift

3. Profile detail page

This page will be the dating profile of a user. Here the interest of the visitors should be addressed. The reasons to contact another user should be clearly highlighted. The pictures should be one main element.

MUST elements:

- Logo

- Main navigation elements: Home, Search Box, Account/Profile

- Main profile picture

- Nickname

- Basic Facts ( Location, Age, Gender, Orientation, Relationship Status)

- Interaction element: Send a message

CAN elements:

- other/more Pictures of the user

- Interaction elements: Add to Favorite, Wink, Hide, Send a Gift

- Content: User activity stream, quiz results, self-description,...

- Additional navigation elements: if called from a list (search page): next profile, last profile, back to list


Typical social network users, 18-40 years, very international, mostly singles,


We like the simple and clean approach of facebook, but we have to be different in this special area, where we are not connecting people who already know each other, but providing opportunities that can change your life.

We like the iPhone interface, as it is simple to understand even for non-experienced users, but it may be to cold for our intent.

We DONT like the plastic look & feel of zoosk.com (but here you see the functional approach of a dating website, dont copy, think yourself).

We DONT like the serious and boring design of websites like match.com


The website should be clear and easy to navigate for different nations and languages. At the same time it should be not cold but emotional (but no hearts or classical dating symbols). We attached our Icon (an X symbolizing a man and a woman flirting). Use this as Logo placeholder. Please use the same colors as in the Icon (RGB codes: #e7511c (red) #b1c800 (green)) for the design. Feel free to use elements from the icon throughout the website.



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