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Hi all. Thanks for stopping by my listing.

I'm in the market for a new look for my little niche social network, pearsontowers.com, a place for lovers of DJing and the art of the mix tape. The site started off as just part of my personal website where people could share links to mix sets / mix tapes found elsewhere on the web and post a few comments, but it's since gained some popularity and I'm now looking to push it forward and build the functionality, and so with that I'd like to cast off the basic design I inherited from that Drupal theme I picked up when I started off.

So what am I looking for?

To be honest, I'm not exceptionally fussy. What I want is essentially something pretty generic - to make use of horrible buzz words, I just want something 'web2.0'. Rounded corners, reflection on the logo, oh yes, bring it all on. I'll maybe stop short of the customary 'beta' badge though.

In general, what I believe makes for a good design is a well suite and matched colour scheme, good choice of fonts and icons, well proportioned elements and spaces, etc. I'm not after anything fancy. So if you've got a good idea of what fits today's fairly typical style then you're probably gonna be a good candidate. You do however, have carte blanche so feel free to scratch whatever creative itch you may be feeling - I've got no specific preconceptions in mind.

I guess though the design needs to suit the style of the site, so here's some general info for things to look up to try and get an idea of the taste of my visitors:

The main influencing genre is 'old school hip hop' - think scratching, bboying / breakdancing and graffiti - Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five and Afrikaa Bambaattaa rather than Eminem and 50 Cent. When it comes to more modern material, the typical genres are 'breaks' / 'breakbeat'.

Here are some 'keywords' that if you Google (check youtube too) might give you some insight into the site's ethos and style: DJ, mixes, graffiti, bboying, Solid Steel, JJJ Mixup, DJ Yoda, Z-Trip, Steinski, DJ Moneyshot, Coldcut, Hexstatic, Annie Nightingale, Krafty Kuts, Plump DJs, Stanton Warriors, Adam Freeland, Unkle, DJ Shadow, Jurassic 5, Cut Chemist, QBert, Mixmaster Mike, Glade Festival.

Really though, this is a quite a specific thing to nail so if you don't already know what I mean then it's probably not a good idea to try and try and hit any specifics.

So what do I actually need?

The site's a standard 2/3 column + header + footer design and in general I'm pretty happy with the structure / layout, so I just need a single page with all the elements on it so I can slice it up and apply it to the whole site.

In addition to that though, I'm looking for a decent set of icons for use around the site. The most important of this is in the news feeds which I'm looking for in order to give me really nice news feeds. If you sign up to the site and browse around the main home page and peoples' profiles you'll see the current versions in place, however this is a run down of what they'd need to cover:

- User A has just commented on Mix X

- User A has just downloaded User B's Mix, Mix X

- User A has just posted in User B's guestbook, they said......

- User A has just added a mix, Mix X

- User B has just added a link to User A's mix, Mix X

- User A is currently listening to....... (this is a feature like Facebook's status update, where people say what you've been listening to recently)

- User C has just joined pearsontowers

- User A has just voted on User B's mix, Mix X, and they gave it a positive / negative vote

Ideally, I'm looking for something better than just nice icons, more a solution for conveying the news item as a whole. So for instance, if you take the 'has just commented on a mix' icon, as long as that icon was obvious enough that a new user would understand it mean that, I'd not need to explicitly say that someone 'has just commented on' and would hopefully be able to include a more informative snippit of the contents itself.

The news feeds themselves at the moment are relatively small with a large number on each page - as long as they look ok, I'd be happy to shrink the number by say a third to allow for larger and more spaced out messages. They're especially raw and ugly at the moment though, I literally just implemented it over the weekend.

Extra points for any others that can be included with the design to use for other parts of the site which can be used / adapted for manipulation of site models such as mixes, artists, links, radio shows, venues, etc.

So, if you're interesed, please head along and sign up and take a look about. Since the site's already in production I figured this would be easier and more constructive, but if for any reason you'd prefer screenshots then let me know and I'll sort some out.

This has turned out to be quite a lengthy spec so I hope it's not sounding too specific and offputting, I'm just trying to give you as much info to go on.



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