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HearWhere is a live music (concerts) site, with more than 1 million shows world-wide. Select a location anywhere in the world, and HearWhere will return a list of artists coming to play. Results can be filtered by genre, date and distance from location.

HearWhere is the only site which also plays tracks by the artists, so you can hear what the artist sounds like making it easier to decide what show to go to.

Im launching a redesign of the site with a new layout and some more functionality. I thought I could do the design myself, but the look I have going is cold, austere and unengaging. But I think the layout and functionality are good.

I need a designer to boost the visual appeal of the site. Giving the site more depth, and character.

The site is meant to appeal to a broad audience, but the demographic mostly fits into the 18-35 range. The sites visitors are a worldwide audience.

The color palette has been broadly defined, meaning Id like to stick with the grey/brown, orange and green theme, but the exact colors within the range are open to interpretation.

The design must maintain the overall layout with the two columns, feature artists header, ad space, etc.

Whatever the design entails, it MUST not be genre or era heavy. For instance, grafitti has connotations of rap, lots of super bright colors or paint splatter has connotations of 80s pop, etc. The design needs to stay away from these sorts of things to try and maintain as broad user appeal as possible.

I almost consider the current design like a house, Ive built the house and have the rooms defined, etc. but need help with making it look like a home.

You can look at the current site at hearwhere.com to get an idea of functionality, and current design, but the new layout I think offers a better experience, and I have some new features in the pipeline that don't fit into the current design, but will fit into the new layout.

There is an error with the footer in the new layout as you can see, it currently is not showing at the bottom of the page like it should be.



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