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Postabit is a social community with only one function...to illustrate bits of our lives. For some that would be a daily comment on the events of the day, for others it may be selected moments that separate the daily traffic of our lives from impact occurances and for the tool guy it will be a bulletin board to the world to shout NO MORE WAR.

And since most use takes place off-site we will ultimately also need (this would be either a separate project or follow-on work to the winning designer) a fully functioning widget that will mirror the site.

In the Beta version users will be allowed to post text, images, video, audio or content lnks. Postabit wants to be the social community that unlocks the creativity in people. EXPRESS! For some that may be a word and for others it may be a collage of media that creams HEAR ME.

The design needs to be an out-of-the-box concept that captures the attention of people. It requires the functional simplicty of Twitter with a clean artistic approach that lures people to express themselves. What would compel you to use this platform? What makes it different from the rest?

This project is for uncoded design, but we wanted to mention that our site will need to be compatible with all other social communties and even sit on top of Facebook as recently outlined by its founder. But above all else it needs to be minimal and easy enough

for a child to navigate. Its sharing capabilties should be cutting edge and allow users to promote themselves.

I've attached a rough wireframe to give you a sense of how I'm thinking. I've also outlined some additional information below about the site, thinking it might help you with the homepage design.

Collection of Friends, groups and Content Pages should be understated. It should be artistic, smart and as minimalistic as possible.


Post text/content on the web or by mobile to an interactive blank page daily or randomly.

Share with Postabit Friends or Email/Embed elsewhere.

Promote on Postabit by voting up or send to other platforms like Digg, Facebook, Stumble etc.


Standard Data

Pages, Friends, Groups, Messages

View Pages by date or topic

Share with select friends, public or keep private.

Collect Favortie Pages


Blank Page-HTML-Should be dynamic...act like Illustrator so elements can be dragged around

and overlapped on each other.

Links should allow for a Headline/Description like Digg

Video-Window should display on blank page like a Blog

Public Pages- Should have tow views 1) Post Order 2) Popular. Public pages should

employ a Digg like voting up system.



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