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I am in the early stages of programming a website designed to entertain people who are looking for a compelling, fun and addictive Internet browsing experience. The site will be a hybrid of sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, and a game site. It will incorporate the community and commentary aspect of social news sites like Digg and Reddit into the random browsing experience that StumbleUpon offers. Users will be presented with videos, funny pictures, games, and more, which will be organized by "cards" that can be tried, collected and shared. Each card will have a special challenge that can be completed, earning users virtual "coins" that can be cashed in for free stuff, virtual goods, or contest entries.

No HTML or coding needed, just mock-ups of some sample pages of the site. Attached is a PPT doc that explains the pages I am looking for. Please read this document carefully to get an idea of how the site will work. I want 3 mock-ups:

1. A sample "Card"

2. Home page design layout

3. Sample Card in top browser bar with embedded web page

Some notes:

Concept name is yet to be determined. For now use the name, " Project Raccoon" as a placeholder, or feel free to name it something creative. Use a cool font and color scheme, but don't worry about a whole logo design unless you really want to try one.

The cards should look like an actual collectible card (Yugioh, baseball card, Community Chest). When they are depicted in the top browser area, they will probably be a wider dimension (or appear cut off at the bottom). The cards need all of the elements you see in slide 2, but not in any particular order, size or format.

The image on the card should be a thumbnail of the experience. No images is needed on the card when in the browser bar.

Each card "type" will have an appropriate icon (game, video, puzzle, article, interactive etc)

Different characters or guides will represent each card. These can be represented by icons, avatars, faces, pictures, etc.

Feel free to shuffle around in any order the items in the top browser area. The menu for Home and Next and Share should be represented by icons.

Use samples from Slide 5 when mocking up cards (or create your own!). When mocking up the browser bar idea, make sure to include the embedded page below, instead of white space.

The "challenge" might range from getting to a certain level of a game, solving a riddle, or some additional research a user must explore after seeing a video or image. The user must answer a question to prove they did the challenge, and collect their coins. Something like, "How many monsters appear on level 6?" This will have to be incorporated into the card in the top browser somehow, but doesn't have to start out being shown. The user might have to click a link to display the validation question, or flip the card over somehow, or maybe a hover over technique.

For challenges, The timer should have some iconic representation (meter/pie/other) along with the minute and second displayed that will start counting down once the page loads.

The top Header of the browser bar should be no more than 180 pixels high (less is probably better)

The look and feel should be clean, simple and stylish, and look more like a game than a website. The UI should be intuitive and easy, yet the interface should be unique and memorable. I want to leave the project fairly open-ended. Feel free to push the envelope with your design. Don't be afraid to try a new idea I haven't mentioned here, or submit more than one look and feel for the site.

I will award the money to the best design and the submission that shows the most creativity and spawns the best ideas for what I am looking to do. Good luck and please write if you have any questions or need any clarification. If you would like to be a part of this project in any way as well, let me know.



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