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TechnoErgonomics is a Drupal based web studio creating custom web sites. Our services span from discovering project requirements, designing the project plan, site creation to hosting and long term support. We usually outsource graphical work. One of our key skills is to be able figure out what non-technical business people really need from the web. We recently created a multiple themed site for TV Prima (http://iprima.cz/, http://iprima.cz/jsss ,http://iprima.cz/anosefe/ ...), small projects like http://avantguide.com/ and run medium sites like SlideMe (http://slideme.org/). We provide high quality services to a small number of clients.

The www.crowdspring.community is really interesting, so we've decided to try a project here. We hope that this site could be a great portfolio piece for you - you can be sure that the site will be implemented perfectly and the site will always have up to date content in valid XHTML.




We are building a new site for our company. The old site was quickly put up just to have something online. A typical case of the shoemaker's children going barefoot. Its time to make a site that better reflects our web abilities.

We want a graphic proposal for the overall look and feel of the site. Wireframes of the pages as we imagine them are attached. We don't want to limit your creative genius - alter layouts if you think it might help improve the site. We're looking more for the overall graphic concept, things like

* layout

* spacing

* typography

* subtle graphical queues

The wireframes are a rough concept. If you have a creative idea that thats a bit different, try it!

The site must be designed to fit the 960 grid system (http://960.gs/), but its ok to break elements out of the grid if needed. Keep in mind that we are skilled web developers so if you have a great idea that would require heavy Javascript to make happen, its not a problem. We do not want to use flash anywhere in the site.

We prefer simple, clean presentations. Our main slogan will be either "Making the complex simple" or "Complex made simple". This is from our focus on understanding client needs so we can design a concept and UI that is easy and intuitive to use. Images and styling used should reflect this core concept. We have a logo that we are currently using. If a great design comes up that doesn't fit the logo, we may later hire you to create a new logo too.



Layered pdf and jpg / png images


* front page

* normal page

* blog list

* blog post (with comments)


Our audience is composed of two groups, which have very different needs.

Business managers


have clear business needs and want to make a site which is their core business or supports their business. Many of these clients have already decided they are interested in Drupal. They usually have at least a basic technical background, and are interested in our comprehensive services - not just making a web site but to really help them to figure out what they need and the best way to make it. The Better sites section will appeal mostly to these visitors. These visitors care about a site looking good. About 3/4 of our clients fall into this category.

Existing Drupal projects


have existing web sites and require new functionality for their existing sites. They have very specific needs and often are developers themselves. The Web professionals section will be aimed at these people. These visitors care about finding specific information easily.


I've decided to purposely leave this blank. I think its enough to explain this should be clean, simple but still attractive. Ideally there will be a little trick or two that will get people's attention, the kind of thing that a designer would want to show his design buddies. Please be creative, we've made lots of websites so aren't limited by some type of personal preferences.

We aren't afraid of whitespace. Clean, simple (uncluttered), interesting. The rest is up to you!


The site should look like the best that a web company could come up with. Let's make something that isn't fashionable or trendy, but with style that will look good over time. Proper design principles over glitz and glam. If you make a site that would be the one you'd be most proud of in your portfolio, then you've understood what we are looking for.

The design should fit on the 960 grid and ideally be similar to the grid sizes in the wireframes - but if you have a better way, we're open to suggestion. Don't know grid designing? You can find out more at http://960.gs/. Many good articles about grid design are at http://www.markboulton.co.uk/articles. Still have questions? We can to help you learn on this project!



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