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There are no client updates at this time.

Please take a look at the logo design project we are currently running at:


In the same context, we are also looking for a home page header banner, such as for example on clearspring.com or salesforce.com or bazaarvoice.com home pages (note, just look at this size and positioning ...not necessarily the style).

We want a header banner that will span the whole width of our container which contains text (width 950px). Note, the body of our page has dark green background with center container which is white

body {



.container {


border:#213205 solid 1px;

width: 950px;

margin: 0 auto;


The header banner will have the following text -

Imagine Your Network is Your Marketing Channel

Note, the word imagine should be crossed out and on the top stylistically written word "Now" should be put, so the sentence will read (crossed out - imagine) Now, Your Network is Your Marketing Channel

It is okay to not include Now or change a few words if it makes more design sense

Also followed by this if your design needs then you can add filler text line - The power of referrals

Below this a conspicuous button of Free Trial should be shown and next to that smaller or Learn More

To illustrate the concept in the backdrop either symbolic icons or text for these things should be included



Cross Sell

Business Network


Open Social



Media Influencers

SEO Content

Social Graph

Address Books

Note, you don't have to get all of these.. Important point is to get the theme across..The focus should be on making it aesthetically pleasing..

If you have any other ideas or suggestions then we are open to them as well.

Here is background information about our company-

Based on our first hand experiences from the trenches of web 2.0 world, we have created a new platform for user driven marketing (a.k.a. buzz marketing) for online services (portals and retailers - eCommerce merchants). We are narrowly focused on only one thing - help online services tap the power of customer referrals and networks to spread word about their services.

The word 'bee' in the name is for buzz and next is for innovation/"newness" of the approach. We don't need the ".com" reference

Please feel free to ask any questions/more information about our company or the graphics



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