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Firm focused in the Dental Technology Services market, delivering IT ans service solutions to dental insurance companies and other like-minded conservative individuals.

Needs a very clean, professional presence on the web that markets our new company's identity. Light vs. Dark colors are better - company colors are navy blue, columbia light blue, white and black.

Simplicity would be good - if it goes deeper than one click, a guide to show where you are on the site may prove useful. This market is not very IT savvy!

Currently we offer one main product (dental medicaid administration system), with expansion of enahnced version underway (commercial dental claims processing system for whole dental market).

Site needs to be limited in what it explans and promotes today so we'll want to focus on the one product and its features/functinality today, but expandable in the future (i.e. roll-over buttons and drop downs) to add functionality to the site to expand on what we display.

The main page should have a brief outline of our firm's mission (provided as TXT file upload), a section about the main product, and

In future, we'll need to have , major sections for PRODUCTS, PROVIDERS, PAYERS, PATIENTS, and PARTNERS, in addition to ABOUT US, CONTACT US and NEWS sections, so when developing the real estate, be sensitive to the fact we'll be growing the site's overall complexity.

PRODUCTS, PROVIDERS, PAYERS and PATIENTS, and PARNTERS will be one page of explanation but should have option to add buttons or rollover options to expand to other more detailed pages in the future.


ABOUT US will be one page about the company, no personal bio's (one page).

CONTACT US should be broken into two sections in the screen: Online Form and Phone. For Online Form, hyperlinks should take to the next page: Support Inquiry Form, Sales Inquiry Form, Partnering Inquiry Form.

The forms should collect the info and we'll seek to have them to send out as an email.

For SUPPORT form: Name, email, phone, drop down box with choices (Question, Feedback, Feature Request), and and a free text box up to 1000 characters.

For SALES form: Name, company, email, telephone, fax. We should offer six check boxes with descriptions (Medicaid ASO, Claims Processing System, Document Management System, Custom Dental Processing Workflow/System, Printing Services, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Other) they can select as to what they are seeking, and a free text box up to 1000 characters.

For PARTNERING form: Type of Company, Name, Company Name, Tel, URL, email address, Brief Descr of partnering oppty, and a free text box up to 1000 characters.

For PHONE listing, we'll list around 4-6 telephone numbers.

NEWS should be a listing of the latest announcements that can hyperlink to pop-up boxes with the story (if any).


A LOGIN and SIGNUP section on the main page would be a great thing to show as it may or may not be activated at a later date.

We'll need to have a PRIVACY POLICY hyperlink at the bottom, next to the copyright stuff.


We're also seeking someone to assist in the "coding" of this project so if a recommendation is provided and it is cost effective, we would definitely seek to pursue.



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