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Creative Brief

Who are you?

My name is Jasen and my company is Demand Launch. We have a white-label daily deal program for publishers.

What do you need?

Hello! We need a fresh design for a daily deal presentation that will load within a publishers website. The design should be simple, fresh, clean and designed for high conversion!

- Layout width should be 945px wide and no taller than necessary

- Please see our current stand-alone design which is where we will pull existing elements from to put into this new design. However, notice there are a couple elements we're adding/improving with this new design.

- I attached 2 publisher sample layouts - our deal site will be pulled into the blank space via iFrame

- We need a couple button/base color options so we can make it look good with various publisher's websites.

Who Is Your Audience?

The audience for this landing site is a buying consumer. We want them to see a simple and fresh design that is interesting and clean

I believe the Orange County Register example achieves this, but I want the design to our own . . . and I think YOU can do an even better job!


We Like These Examples

Orange County Register (Deal of the Day)
- this is the best example of how this design will be pulled within a publishers website. Notice that the deal pic and Buy Now button pops off the page well.

http://www.groupon.com (
good deal presentation only we will need to be pulled into existing navigation) I like the fresh clean exciting interesting design

We Absolutely Must Have

We need 2 Layouts (width should be 945px wide)
1) Today's Deal layout
2) Back Page layout (for How it works, Contact Us, My Account)

Need to represent 4 Statuses of the deal in the design somehow:
1) deal hasn't started yet
2) deal is live but needs more to tip ("5 sold needs 15 to tip")
3) deal is live! ("Tipped at 9:33am with 15 bought")
4) deal is completed

For final deliverable we need 3 colors for any buttons:
1) orange
2) green
3) blue

For final deliverable we need 3 background/base color options to choose from

Required page elements:

1) Top Navigation for "Today's Deal", "How it Works", "Contact Us", "My Account"

2) Deal Title

3) Deal Image
- our current image is 508px 266px but if you need to shrink some its ok
- keep as large as possible

4) Buy Now! button, Deal price ($), Deal Value ($), Deal Discount (%), You Save!($)

5) Time Remaining Hours, Min, Sec (format is up to designer)

6) Place for Deal status (Hasn't Started, Deal is Live!, Deal is on!, Deal is Over)

7) # of Deals Sold, when tipped and how many bought (not on our current design)

8) Share this deal (Email, facebook, twitter)

9) Discuss this deal

10) Company Name, address, website (for who is sponsoring the deal)

11) Deal highlights (not on our current design)

12) The Fine Print

13) About this deal/description

14) Feature Your Business

15) Subscribe to deals (via email)

16) Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (want to make this more prominent than our current design)




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