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crowdSPRING is creating a community-driven marketplace for creative services, bringing the power of crowdsourcing to creative challenges worldwide. And, who better to be our initial guinea pig than ourselves! Our first project is a whopper - we're offering $5000 to whoever designs the homepage that we like the best. So get started - click View More. Hurry. Faster.

Below is a 'brief' brief about our homepage project to give you a feel for what we're looking for. If you'd like to submit a design, you really better read the full brief - it's in the Project Materials section of the page below. We worked really hard to write it real good and it's got some pretty important stuff in there that's not covered here so please check it out. Got it? Good. Carry on...

What is crowdSPRING?

crowdSPRING is a community-driven marketplace for creative services, bringing the power of crowdsourcing to creative challenges worldwide. For buyers, we allow you to post a project and receive submissions from creatives around the world. For creatives, we offer extensive tools to showcase your talents on a worldwide stage - allowing anyone, anywhere to reach a global audience for their creativity.

Our model takes the risk out of buying creative services by offering buyer's choice up front. We empower an underground, underdog creative community and level the playing field by allowing creatives to compete solely on the basis of their talent. And we protect the intellectual property of all by offering completely free, customized written legal agreements for every transaction.

What do we want this piece to do?

We need a very clean, very simple homepage that will provide an instantly understandable explanation of what crowdSPRING is and how the service works.

Who should this page speak to?

The homepage needs to speak to two different audiences. First, there's the buyers of creative services - people who need graphic design, web design, photography and copy writing. Second, there's the providers of creative services - from graphic designers and web designers to photographers and writers.

What kind of designs do we like?

This one is huge and can't be stressed enough. We're looking of a design that is clean, almost minimalist and makes outstanding use of white space. In a phrase, less is more. Don't worry about the current site design. If we like your design, we're prepared to scrap the entire thing and make it fit with your submission. Everything is fair game from the header to the footer, from the fonts to the layout.

What does the page absolutely have to have on it?

See full brief...

What we DON'T need.

You don't need to code this page - we'll take care of all that mumbo jumbo. We just need a killer design.



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