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FAA Credit Union of Oklahoma City, OK has 42,317 members and assets of $352 million, it was opened in 1946. It is a community chartered credit union so it has an open membership. It is small compared to its competitors, but is a little less conservative than you might think. They are the Federal Aviation Administration credit union so their history is rooted in aviation but you should shy away from using planes or any aviation imagery because one of their competitors uses those elements.

Here is their current site: http://www.faaecu.org/

Here are some words they used to describe how they want their new design to look:

Clean, Friendly, Useful, Easy to Navigate, Inviting

Here is their description of their brand's graphic elements:

Our current branding theme uses blue skies with clouds, and green grass. The color scheme is blue and green with white and/or black mixed in.

You will find an attached example of an ad currently in use. Use that as your example, only feel free to make it look better than that, while still containing the same elements. We are looking to incorporate the open sky, soothing grass themes with clean, modern web interface styles, as you will see in the example sites. Mint.com does the best job of this, so use them as an example and inspiration without copying their look.

Here is a list of their competitors:

* www.tinkerfcu.org

* www.weokie.org

* www.allegienacecu.org

* www.comfedcu.org

* www.bok.com

* www.midfirst.com

We like the look and feel of these sites:

* Mint - marketing site and app interface http://www.mint.com/

* Mail Chimp - http://www.mailchimp.com

* Wesabe - https://www.wesabe.com/

* Altura CU - https://www.alturacu.com/

* Vimeo - http://vimeo.com/

* The Whitehouse - http://www.whitehouse.gov/

* Organizing for America - http://www.barackobama.com/

These sites have the kind of clean, consistent look we like. Some of those styles won't literally translate in this wireframe, but this is to give you a good understanding of what we would like to see.

You will find attached the PSD of the *wireframe of the homepage as well as FAA CU's logo and an ad image reflective of their brand elements for your reference.

*The wireframe should be followed strictly. It shows where everything goes. Please do not take any liberties with the layout of the elements as you see them here. You can add more of a gutter between them than the single pixel we are using here, for example (though you don't HAVE to), but don't shuffle any of them around. Please use the attached PSD as your design document. It has the proper width of the site as well.



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