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We are building a content portal for curious people who like learning about the world. This is your crowd that watches 60 Minutes, reads nonfiction books, and often starts a conversation with "did you know..."

The site is called Lurnt. And the tagline is: What did you learn today? Our mission is to "sharpen the keen edge of curiosity" by bringing all avenues of knowledge and learning into one place. For the users we mentioned above, there are many places they can go to learn new things, but we want to build the one centralized, aggregated place that will be their only stop.

Our site will consist of:

- Web Articles and videos (submitted by users and by us)

- Staff Articles (topics of interest that we investigate)

- What I Learned Today (a stream of user submitted "tweet"-like tidbits)

- Book Reviews and Previews of Non-Fiction books

- TV/Movie/DVD reviews and previews of documentaries, Discovery channel shows, and PBS specials

- Podcast reviews

- Experiences (this will start out as a beta section - will consist of local events, museums, lectures)

- Author pages to dive into all content by certain writers

- A Hall of Fame of selected articles, books, etc

This is not a NEWS site - so, it's not just recent content - learning is not time-sensitive, so we will prominently feature articles and books from years ago.


We are currently creating a barebones site architecture with links and page descriptions/examples and some mockups here: http://bit.ly/4tIj9H

(LURNT is purposefully misspelled there to not get picked up by search engines, use the spelling used here)

We will keep updating it with more pages, for right now the home page and mockup are finished. Please check there for uploads of mockups, descriptions of pages, etc.

HOME page (colors, logo, layout): the page should be super clean and crisp, should engage the user in the different types of content rather than confuse them with the variety. As soon as someone lands on the home page for the first time,

See attached mockup only as a visual description, not as a requirement/guideline. See requirements of content here: http://bit.ly/4tIj9H

YOU are the designer, not me, so, give yourself flexibility with the details of # of stories, layout, etc. If you were visiting this site, how would you want to interact with it?


After HOME page is submitted, then I'll engage with each creative via private message to start on these designs:

SEARCH RESULTS: since we have many different media types organized in the home page in a specific way, we'll need to think of another, replicable way to produce SEARCH results for all content

WEB ARTICLES Section: This will house all web articles that are submitted by users. Should be sortable by "Whoa!" votes and filtered by time. (BOOKS/PODCASTS/WILT/TV/DVD/MOVIES/WEB VIDEO sections should be similar to this)

WEB ARTICLES PAGE: this is for the individual article that was submitted - this page will have more sharing/bookmarking options, a bigger description and commentary by editors, related articles, and will have comments by users

STAFF ARTICLES Section: Will have articles, with different themes (like different blogs); should have snippets of articles

STAFF ARTICLES PAGE: Will have full article, share/bookmark options, related articles, and comments by users

REVIEW PAGE: for Books/DVDs/Movies/Podcasts/TV; will feature a full review article and 5-star rating; link to buy the book/etc; comments by users and votes by users

EXPERIENCE PAGE: this is TBD, but needs to have an element of location tags associated with it. Will start off with San Francisco and New York City as the locations, but will need to organize events/activities by time (if they are time-sensitive), and by popularity.

AUTHORS Page: after searching for or clicking on an author, this will be the page that displays all the content available on the site by that author (in short/snippet form as on the home page - once any item is clicked, it will go to that item page)

HALL OF FAME Section: should be a section that showcases content (articles, books reviewed, dvds, etc) that is designated as HOF; same for authors.

EMAIL Newsletter: we will have 2 newsletters: a random subscription and a weekly newsletter. Each should be the same format (TBD) containing main elements of the home page content

SUBMIT page: this will be a dynamic page with (mockup/description TBD)

INVITE email: a very simple email template for friends to invite other friends (the email that the invited friend receives)

CARD: a simple card design I have in mind based on the same content/info as the Invite

LOGO Badges: once the logo is finalized, will need a few versions of it for press and to give to other sites for recognizing their article being on Lurnt

TWITTER skin/background: once the site/theme is designed, this should be a simple background for twitter that can give info about the site, displaying directions to submit, and other links

We are still working on the architecture, so we may have some slight modifications. But, for now, I'd like to see submissions of only the HOME page, after that first entry, we will rate and discuss feedback with each creative and go forward with the other elements.


People who:

- Watch 60 Minutes

- Read Nonfiction books

- Talk about new psych studies and science discoveries

- Watch the Discovery Channel

- Go to Museums

- Visit www.howstuffworks.com and subscribe to www.mentalfloss.com


I am open to all colors, styles, and fonts (as long as fonts can be used by programmers).

All these are a bit "crowded" for us, but they're as close to having the type of mixed content that we want:







Clean, crisp spacing - don't like crowded sites - would rather reduce content.

This site will be something people will want to access quickly via iPhone/etc - we'll ensure coding supports that, but keep a light/simple design in mind for that as well.



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