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Representative Mike Honda is seeking to redesign his award winning site through crowdsourcing to allow for increased transparency and accessibility. This will be one of the first crowdsourced government websites ever developed, with the public involved in both the design process and the selection of the final design.

Rep. Honda has represented the 15th district of California, including the technologically innovative Silicon Valley area, in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2001. He currently serves on the powerful Appropriations Committee and is serving his second term as the Chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus.He is also a House Democratic Senior Whip.

The Congressmans current website has consistently been recognized for its outstanding usability and has been honored with 3 Gold and 1 Silver Mouse awards by the Congressional Management Foundation (CMF).

The purpose of this website redesign/crowdsourcing initiative is to move America closer to Government 2.0, where Rep. Hondas constituents can play a role in the creation of a site that will better serve them. This is a unique opportunity for you, the public, to give input into the design of a government website serving hundreds of thousands of people.

Rep. Honda hopes this initiative will make his website easier to use and more accessible through the use of new online technologies. Since the Congressman is active on Twitter, Facebook, and his blog, he intends to incorporate these technologies to make his new site be an example for other member sites to follow.

How it works:

The final design will be chosen based on votes by constituents of Californias 15 District as well as the functionality, ease of implementation, visual appeal and usability of the design.

Congressman Hondas office has developed specific criteria and technical requirements to ensure security and implementation by our technical firm GovTrends. Once those criteria have been met, the looks, the design, and the layout are open for your creativity and experimentation.

What we are looking for:

This is a design only project. The designer will not code the actual site, but will provide Rep. Hondas office with a layout/design of the site that meets the content and technical criterion: 3 PSDs (in accordance to the technical specifications attached) of: the front page, a common interior page, and an issue area page where we will host legislative content.

The current website is located at http://honda.house.gov . Any redesign will have to incorporate all the information currently on the site, as well as:

Front Page:

- Incorporation with Twitter, and if possible, Flickr and Facebook on the front page;

- A Calendar/Event section on the front page.

- A blog section on the front page;

- A highlights and news section on the front page;

- Any additional media/web 2.0 ideas you may have for the front page;

Issues/Legislative page:

- Rep. Honda would like his legislative page to be all inclusive. When someone visits a page on healthcare for example, legislation, press releases, and other materials related to healthcare should be displayed.

Throughout all the pages:

-A coherent navigation structure that shows up in the interior pages as well.

-Submenu that allows for further navigation in the section.

Photos of the Congressman:

Click here ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/congressman... ) to go to our Flickr account. You may use any of the photos on that account to create a banner with the Congressman on it. If you find other photos of Rep. Honda you wish to use, let us know.

Technical Specifications:

The technical specifications have been created by GovTrends, a web vendor specializing in Congressional websites. They will assist the office in developing and implementing the final design. Please look for the attached technical specifications PDF.



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