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We're a new travel entertainment social network and strategy game called tripflip. We are a new brand being run by the current tour operator Adventura.com. Although the brands are very different and will not be associated with each other


We would like visual design pages for 4 of the pages running through the website. Website is tripflip a strategy game running as an iframe in Facebook (a facebook app).

Teams of 2 will compete against others to win a holiday. Teams give gifts to teams they would like to go on holiday with. The winners will be the top 14 teams (top 7 male and top 7 female) those with the most gifts at the end of 2 weeks.

During the 2 week experience, teams will face daily challenges (just for fun). Teams will be able to search individuals and teams via various search types and choose which teams they can give gifts to. They can choose any gift from their inventory to give such as Bottle of champagne, box of chocolates, beach ball, flowers, rubber duck, glass of beer, smiley face, cuddly dog/cat/budgie, cup of coffee, ice cream, parrot, pirate hat, tickets, heart, lei (hawaiian garland).

Additional Requirement is the design of the gift icons mentioned above

Pages to design are:

Public Home page

Apply/Join Pages 1 and 2

Home page for those competing

Further details can be discussed privately.

A theme needs to be designed that runs in the background of every page in the site. The theme needs to be simple and uncomplicated yet exciting and fun. Theme needs to relate to a holiday so the following can be used within the theme (but not necessarily all): beach, island, boat, plane, sea, sky, sun, palm trees.

Then styles need to be created throughout the site for the various elements of the experience.

Lots of the site will be pulling thumbnails directly from facebook


You may want to submit this design first and await feedback before proceeding to the other pages.

SIZE 760px across x 790 (or less) down

Top nav

Join, Trips, Invite

Bottom nav

Become a fan, faqs, terms


Logo + strapline the new way to holiday!

Background theme must be clearer on this page as there are less elements involved.

Show facebook thumbnails of friends that have already joined tripflip. Suggestions could include the thumbnails (with legs) on an island or a plane or boat etc.


This is a crucial page in the early part of tripflip. Before we even have all our trip schedules well be inviting people to apply as a data collection exercise.

Logo and strapline + use page background theme

Heading: APPLY NOW


tripflip is the amazing new way to go on holiday. Create a team with a friend and compete against other teams in a strategy game to win a dream holiday. Were now taking applications for the first game where you and a friend can win a Turkish Aegean Cruise. Increase your chances of being selected by inviting your friends to apply as well!


Email address:


Trips Im interested in drop down to include the following:

Please select

Weekend Breaks

Turkish Aegean Cruise


Beach Holidays

Party Holidays




Somewhere alongside this form (ideally boxed), we need to clearly state None of this information will ever be revealed publicly or passed to any other parties



Logo and strapline + use page background theme


To be in with even more chance of being selected on the first game for a Turkish Cruise invite your friends to apply too

Incorporate the graphic invitefriends.jpg into the page

HOME PAGE 2 (for those playing in a tripflip game)

Selected applicants will be invited to play tripflip. When they come to tripflip this will be their home page

Logo and strapline + use page background theme

Width of page 760

Length infinite but for design purposes fit within 790 if possible.

Left Navigation column

Gifts Given

Male Teams Female Teams

Then a vertical 2 column thumbnail list of those you have given gifts to. Split by team gender.

Each thumbnail will be pulled from Facebook but in the top right corner of the thumbnail will be a gift icon (depending on which gift was given to that person. Gift icons will need to be created (need to be really simple) as follows:

Bottle of champagne, box of chocolates, beach ball, flowers, rubber duck, glass of beer, smiley face, cuddly dog/cat/budgie, cup of coffee, ice cream, parrot, pirate hat, tickets, heart, lei (hawaiian garland).

Underneath this still in the same column will be

Booked Party?

Then if you have booked for the party event being held on day 10 an icon will be displayed as either a tick or cross. If it is a cross it needs to say underneath book party now

Additional navigation

This can either be top or right but not bottom:

Navigation headers are:

The trip

My profile

Team profile


Gifts received

Gifts given

Daily challenges


2rd Additional navigation ideally as icons we need the options:

Acquire more gifts to give and sneak a peak at the leaderboard

These can be placed anywhere aesthetically pleasing.

3rd additional navigation

Trip photos

2 pictures of the holiday location + the text Turkey 2nd October

Then a countdown icon showing the following:

Days to tripflip end 14

Days to Party 7

Days to holiday 38

Then more

Main page area

Last 3 gifts received

This will show thumbnails of the last 3 people to give you a gift with the gift icons in the top right of the thumbnail


This will be a box with dynamic feed of current activity. Please use the following text for design purposes:

Thumbnail of team photo: - team red have shortlisted you

Thumbnail of team photo:- team blue have just received a gift (show icon) from you

Friends in game

Facebook thumbnails of any friends in this game will be displayed below


This will show any the most recent comments written on your wall by other players. As with Facebook you will be able to click on comments to see the thread of the conversation.


Average age 25. Heavy facebook user (uses on a daily basis for photo sharing, app laying and messaging).

Heavy internet user for leisure, particularly familiar with social networks.

Probably office based but in early mid-stages of career. Likes a bargain, tends to prefer cheaper or discounted things rather than expensive.

Probably travels with friends at lowest possible price.

Probably very active socially goes to bars after work on Friday and would find it weird to be home alone on a Saturday.


We love www.moshimonsters.com however its aimed at children. We would like a similar style but at a mature audience.

We also love the Facebook applications designed by www.playfish.com particularly apps.facebook.com/geochallenge which uses a simple theme and great icons navigation and usage of facebook thumbnails for viral elements. Other good designs to look at are




For style and layout look at http://apps.facebook.com/zooskers this site follows the size and usability guidelines we like.

We are open to body and header fonts used. Although for smaller body text we prefer something similar to the Helvetica rounded or Helvetica Neue families.

We are also open to colours but the websites above all use colours we think will work.

The logo attached can also be modified/adapted for better use within a graphical site of this nature.

We will feedback frequently on how you are getting along.



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