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What you will be bidding for

This is a slightly different type of bid, We will use the creative with the successful bid for on-going design work for CompletelyNovel. The job will not be full time but will probably involve a bit of time each week (if you make a submission please make sure you will be able to do the follow up work). We need everything designed from logos, icons and web pages to flyers. The $250 is a notional prize.

Who are we?

We have a major website being launched soon to link the world of books together. The site involves a community of readers, writers, publishers, printers and service providers all of which can offer services to each other seamlessly through the website.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a designer to do all our graphics work. We want to find a great, talented designer to do everything so the sites style is consitent. The designers will do our website, logos and artwork in chunks over the next year and will pay per hour.

The Competition

The Competition involves designing our 'My Profile' page. We want the page to have a web 2.0 feel (simple layout, clean lines and subtle gradients). We will have users of all ages so accessibility is key (obvious click points, simple nav bars and simple layout).

Guide lines for submissions

* Layout - We are quite keen on the current positioning of links (single row main nav bar, single column sub nav bar) but are open to change if you think there are better designs out there. Everything else can be shifted around, discarded, chopped, changed altered etc.

* Colours - Open to suggestions but we have had good feedback about our current colours so far

* Theme - Book themed is good but let's not go to cheesy rows of space-wasting books. Form follows function and all that.

* Sections of the site - You may notice there are text sections, grids of books, grids of people, message boards etc. Some way of keeping the style flowing in each section but the sections being obviously different would be good.

* logo - very open to change if you want to give it your own touch.

* Extra brownie points for anyone comfortable with haml views for ruby on rails and flash.

We will give feedback on all submissions as soon as we can and look forward to seeing them.

So be creative, show us what you have got and we look forward to working with you!



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