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Compete.com is currently in the process of relaunching our premium services under the umbrella of a single subscription "Compete Pro", and we're looking for a brilliantly designed landing page(s) to help clearly define the product and its value.

The subscription service currently contains 3 different products:

- Site Analytics: Provides up to 2 years of historically trended monthly or daily data traffic for almost any site on the web (and up to 5 sites at one time

- Search Analytics: Provides web traffic data on the keywords driving traffic to any site, and the sites that get traffic from specific keywords

- Ranked Lists: Provide large lists of websites, ranked by several different traffic, and online engagement metrics


The page should fit into the overall context of Compete.com (Light blue bkg, white, rounded corner foreground, existing product icons). Ideally, we'd like to see our top level nav (blue bar at the top of the page at http://searchanalytics.compete) in the final design as well. Because there are several products, our concern is that the page is going to get cluttered and overwhelming, so the ideal design would be:

- Simple

- Clean

- Broken into digestible chunks.

- Balanced between text/images

- Conversion driving (this page should be educational, but ultimately cause people to buy our premium plans.

One of the attached documents (upsell.jpg) contains the 3 icons we use with each product, as well as the icon we are using to brand "pro" (in the title bar). While this (and new_home_page.gif) can be used for design cues, I attached it purely for the icons.

Some of the page elements we planned on incorporating (again, we're looking for creativity/portrayal of value, so any of these can go if the message is clear) are below. Actual copy is somewhat tied to the design, but see the attached "copy.doc" for examples.

- Large tag line

- Short intro paragraph describing Pro

- Product specific sections dedicated to Ranked Lists, Search and site analytics (with or without screenshots or other images)

- 1+ ways for someone sign-up for pro (a user that clicks on these links will be sent to a page that looks like the attached "choose_plan" screenshot).


Please provide the graphics in both the original psd, and in (jpg or gif), the cut-and-ready graphical pieces (e.g. corners, borders, gradient backgrounds) and CSS styles needed for us to assemble the pages. If at all possible we'd love to get usable HTML code (and can pay extra for this).

Looking forward to seeing what people far more creative than I come up with!



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