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About us:

We're an innovative coatings manufacturer. We produce cutting edge products that fit the toughest problems in our industry. We focus on ease of use, simplicity, speed, durability, and safety.

What we need:

A simple website that can be sliced up for use with a squarespace.com hosted site. What we really need is a background, menu buttons, and some elements like content boxes and such. All of this will be applied with css.

Sites we like:

squarespace.com... their site would be perfect, except its their site. However, if it wasn't and someone had presented it, that would be ideal. We need something original that is along those lines. I've seen others that use the "arrow indent?" sort of thing to highlight logos or menu items... we like that.

We also like snappages.com... its really that simple layout with a top bar containing menu and logo that we like. Having that open space for content in the page lets us be flexible in what we serve up and 'opens' things up a bit.

Things it should have:

Large fonts... this will be served to an audience that is on average at least 30-35 years old and we don't want folks straining to see the page. Our Logo... the aspect ratio on our logo is a bit weird, but it must stay intact as-is and fit well within the layout. Colors.... should be dark. Black is fine... its preferred. We also like the colors on the site now. FIREWORKS files are fine, I actually prefer that, but photoshop is fine also.

Our audience:

Industrial construction types. A bit older, and generally not big computer people. Tough and aggressive, they have long days and little time for screwing around on websites... if you know what I mean. They want it simple and easy to access when they need to.



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