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Having a baby is a very challenging time for new parents as they struggle to figure out the unique sleeping & eating schedule that works best for their baby and leads to the happiest family. We are building a new web application to help new parents during this time by making it easy to track their baby's behavior in order to understand what sleeping, eating, and other activities works best for them and leads to the happiest baby.

Your design will form the basis of this application. We don't have a name, identity or color palette yet, so this is a blank-slate in many ways.

We do have a strong understanding of the problem, a detailed set of wireframes, a lot of experience building high-profile web applications, and a strong passion to solve this problem for both parents and babies.

We are looking for a talented creative to work alongside us to craft the product look and feel while keeping simplicity and usability top of mind. We will need additional design work after this initial project is completed, so our hope is to establish an ongoing relationship.


There are 5 key pages/templates within the site that we need designed, plus 1 printed page. See the attached project description document as well as wireframes.

Please note that even though wireframes are provided, if you feel that the design is better served by a different layout, by all means please change it. We look forward to your input.

The pages required as follows:

1. Homepage

2. Generic template for sub-pages

3. Page to record baby's activities

4. Page to see baby's history

5. Page to edit parent and baby profile

6. (Printed) page to record baby's activities when not in front of computer

In the list above, the most important pages are the homepage (1) and the page to record activities (3). Please focus on these page first, and as we narrow in on a design we can focus on the remaining few pages.

We are looking for a design that is clean and simple, as well as fun. New parents have very little time and are often in a frazzled state, so it's important that we create an application that is very simple to use and requires a minimum number of clicks when entering data.

In other words, we will be looking for designs that focus on clarity and usability, as well as beautiful visuals.

Final deliverables should be PSD files with layers intact for slicing into xhtml/css.


New parents. They are exhausted and often clueless, and trying to make sense of all the new changes in their life while dealing with reduced sleep and frayed nerves. Our objective is to help them make sense of this time and easily record and discover the patterns that lead to the healthiest and happiest baby, and thus happiest family.

We want to appeal to BOTH male and female parents and create a platform that is easy to use, attractive and above all, simple. Being a new parent is complicated enough as it is.

Age range is 20-45. You can assume that a user has a screaming baby in the room along with them, so they are even more time-starved and distracted than typical internet users (which is saying a lot!)

The brand should be simple and helpful, but also fun! For example, icons for dirty diapers are brown and wet diapers are yellow. The brand should be somewhat entertaining for parents. "ChillBaby" is a just a temporary name for this project, but it does capture the essence we're going for: both helpful and fun.


For clean design:

- http://www.wordpress.org

- http://www.xero.com/

Color schemes we like:



What we like:

1) We like vibrant colors, but in a clean design

2) We have a preference for a white (or light) background, but are open to other ideas here

3) We want it to be fun, so anticipate using illustrations/icons as opposed to photography

4) As mentioned, simplicity and ease of use are key. Fonts should be readable at a glance.

5) The colors selected should say hint at "baby" or "child", but keep in mind that it's parents that are using the application, so it should be appealing to them.

What we don't like:

1) We don't want to see a design that feels too "baby". E.g. please don't make it light pink.

2) Do not use fonts that are too small to read



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