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Consulting & Professional Services

About Your Company

We have separated ourselves from competitors in the industry for the good of client and worker. 54 years in business, we call ourselves Flexible Talent Aquisition and Consulting (others may call us a staffing agency). Staffing is a term we want to get away from because we offer a unique value and want to separate ourselves from the negative connotation with employment agencies for our potential clients and candidates. We want to stand out as unique and edgy. We have two target audiences: the client and the candidate. The client is the company that needs to hire employees. The candidate is the seeker of an opportunity. For the potential worker, we want to give them "a better job, a better life" and this means that we will give you a good job and show you how to make it better. Opening the door for promotions, wages, bonuses, and experiences that can lead to a better life long-term. We teach them soft-skills that are required to be a valued employee in the workforce. They are not a commodity. On the client side, we're providing them with a more valuable workforce - the right employees that can increase productivity, the ability to retain the right people, and to reduce hiring issues. We are setting up a relationship with both the client and the worker to result in a durable commitment to the organization and the work itself. The fundamental value that allows us to do all of this is that we actually CARE about the worker and the client.


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Preferred Fonts
  • Sans-serif

  • Mono

Required Features
  • Slideshow

    A gallery of images that users can page through.

  • Search

    Search your website based on a simple search term.

  • Social Sharing
    Social Sharing

    Tools that help users share your website on their social media profiles.

  • Video

    Embedded video from sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

  • Maps

    Display locations such as your place of business on a map.

  • Newsletter

    A signup of form for an email newsletter.

  • Other

    Something else not listed here. Please specify in your brief.

Concrete, Organic, Economical, Youthful, Playful, Masculine, Minimal, Modern
  • Home

    We are open-minded in terms of design for the home page - use the creative brief to get a sense of style. Think sleek, modern, simplistic, eye-catching and professional. It should follow best web practices and use modern web design trends - we want to this website to generate leads. We want it to be professional and stand out from their competitors (see uploads for competitor information). We want it to represent the Champion Brand and be an inclusive first impression.

  • Services Page

    This is where a user would be routed to different services - a type of selection screen.

  • Generic Flexible Internal Page Layout

    This page layout could demonstrate everything and the kitchen sink in terms of a lot of the standard website widgets that could go on a page. The goal is to have a layout that's versatile enough for differnt internal webpage content to fit into. This could assist the developers in UI elements, photo galleries and so on. Maybe just stack samples of the most commonly used elements here. Looking at the Site Map this may be used for pages like... Industries (manufcaturing, industrial, etc.), Indiviudal Services, Process Pages, etc.

  • Contact Us

    The client requires multiple locations to be shown on a map. They need the contact information for multiple department heads as well as multiple locations listed. See http://dev.championpersonnel.com/contact-us/ to see all of the information they are looking to include on this page. (this is an old dev site unfinished by a developer and not a design currently used)

Measures of Success

Professionalism and Lead Generation. Increase in job applications, employers calling us to hire, traffic to the website. We want the right people finding us first.

Top 3 Things

1. We are DIFFERENT from the rest with a proven platform and a clear system.
2. We are CARING as we mentor workers so they can develop into a "a better job, a better life"
3. We are Results-driven, Precise, and Professional.


Clean, informative and edgy!

Additional Info

We want to stand out from our competitors (employment agencies - locale > Cleveland, OH).



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