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Calculated Trade is geared to retail investors, ie. people who have accounts at places like etrade or ameritrade.

What we do is:

- Publish buy and sell recommendations as a subscription service.

- With this subscription, we allow people who have retail brokerage accounts to automatically follow our by and sell recommendations. Right now the brokerage accounts are only at ameritrade as they are the only retail broker who has an API (application programming interface), however we plan on expanding to brokerage who has an API. Please note we are not ameritrade, nor do we represent ameritrade. We are only a 3rd party web application which will use ameritrades API.

- Provide analysis pertaining to our buy and sell recommendations.


The website must have:

1. Home/Login page

2. A Trading Contol screen that a user can control their trading such as

-auto-follow all our trades (turn it on/off)

-auto-follow only the industries they want to auto-follow

-auto-follow by market capitalization (small cap, medium cap...)

-control how much of their funds we control for them, for example $10,000 from their account, or 10% of their funds

-where we display information about the # of positions we recommend they hold give that the gave us "$x" amount of money to control.

-a place to manually enter trades if the user wants to manually follow trades. attached are screen shots for etrade and ameritrade trade entry tickets to give you an idea what this might look like

3. The website must have a Analysis page which has information such as news and analysis about the buy and sell recommendations

4. The website must have an Account page where they can see as line items the trades which we recommended which:

they did follow

they did not follow

they can still auto-follow

they can can no longer auto-follow

I have attached a screen shot of etrade's page where they show you all of your trades. The page should not be exactly like this since etrade has no such concept of auto-follow.


--Target audience

Our target audience is retail investors, ie. people who have accounts at places like etrade, ameritrade or scottTrade. They are mainly upper middle class Americans aged 25-45. Professionals, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, architects and the like. People who have university degrees and probably a professional degree like a jd mba. They shop at whole foods and drive a prius. they have iphones or own a nuxus one's.

--What we would like them to think about us

We would like our audience to think of us as an alternative to the established wall st professional advisor. So one the reason why they might see us this way is that they are more in control of their money, and the fees for advice are much smaller. Why we are better then hedge fund is because hedge funds require more then $200,000 in funds, often even in the millions to user their services. Why we are better then an mutual fund is because mutual funds have high costs and often do not beat the S&P 500 index. We try and beat the index and try to minimize fees as much as possible.

I would like the site to convey my background and our philosophy if possible, but in a subtle way. I have a degree from UC Berkeley in Economics, Masters in Computer Science from an Ivy League university, fellowship with NASA. Mentioning any of this explicitly like having a NASA logo is pretty much what we do *NOT* want.



In terms of philosophy we like to be seen as Smart and Different.



We want to be perceived like we know what we are doing, and that its easy for us because we have spent a long time studying the subject matter at hand and have worked hard to get to this point so you don't have to.




We like Edward Tuft http://www.edwardtufte.com/tufte/

We like Helvetica

We like light blue http://bit.ly/9zfDar

We also like white, green, and black. Red is ok if we are displaying a negative number like -100, but should not be used anyplace else.

We like twitter's design in general because its simple and clean, though it's a little too bubblely for a finance related site.

we like the wall st journal's web site

We like how clean this site feel


We like the graphic artist who did this video


We like graph paper

We like clean looking charts http://nyti.ms/38snYx

We like clean classic modern timeless looking design



1. You must use the name of the company, which is "Calculated Trade". I'm not says it has to be everywhere, just that the name of the company is calculated trade.

2. A Home/Log On page

3. A Trade Control page

4. A Analysis page

5. An Account page

Do not use the uploaded files, they are just examples.



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