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BugleMe is a service that allows fans to get a phone call from their

favorite celebrities once a week! Fans can sign up for BugleMe on their

favorite celeb's website through an icon/link, or they can go to

www.bugleme.com to choose which celebs they want to get "Bugles" from or

"Bugled" by.

The target market for this is both male and female, of many age ranges,

mainly 16 to 45. Celebs that will do the Bugles range from singers, actors,

Hollywood favorites, politicians, sports stars etc, so this must appeal to a

wide range of people. These people all have something in common

though...they want to hear from their favorite celeb through a Bugle every

week to their cell phone so the logo needs to get people excited to click on

it and sign up to get calls from their favorite stars!



Deliverables (3 of these 4 must be included in a submission). Please do not

just submit one of them. You must submit three at one time so we can see

how they work together. Your submission will be regarded much higher if you

are able to show us your vision in one submission.

1. Logo- We have included our logo. We are open to minor (color, font,

lighting, texture, dimension changes only). DO NOT REINVENT THE WHEEL

PLEASE. Use the concept that we have, and only change minor things about it

if you want.(MINOR REVISIONS ONLY- do not give us a whole new logo). Keep

the idea of the word "BUGLE" blowing "ME through the horn. If you want to

use the logo as it is, that is fine too.

2. Graphic link- This is a graphic link that we will put on a

celebrity's website that will attract people to click on it to sign up for

BugleMe. It needs to include our logo (small) and a space to add some

verbiage like, "Receive weekly calls from (celebrity name)!". Is it a

phone? Is it sound waves? Is it a quote sign? Those are just some

thoughts but KEEP IT SIMPLE. Keep in mind scale as we want it noticeable

without being overpowering on a webpage. This link should be no more than 2

inches wide or high.

3. Website- We need a look and feel for our website, so the graphic

elements (logo, link and website elements) all need to be in the theme of

the business. We will use the elements of this on the website, so please

provide a sample homepage. Include a menu with 4 buttons and a section for

a paragraph for a company overview. Keep it simple please.

4. Signup page- Using the same look and feel of the website page,

please create a "signup page" that includes a thumbnail picture of a

celebrity, a paragraph describing that celebrity, a 10 line form and a music

player. The player just needs to be a list of 3 items and the

play/pause/forward button and a progress bar but if you find graphics for a

player that you like, that is fine too.

NOTE: If you choose to make a submission for this project, the whole

submission needs to include the logo (revised or as it currently is based on

instructions), a graphic link, and an example of a webpage layout

incorporating the logo and the graphic elements that you are creating.



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