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Creative Brief

Who are you?

"Player Manager" (to be www.playermanager.com) is the name of a new and innovative Fantasy Sports game to be launched in the UK later this year.

"Player Manager" refers to the fact that the manager (person using the site) is selecting a set of real-life players, who score points based on their performance in real sporting events. Games are played for money with a percentage of the pooled funds being returned to the highest-scoring managers.

The company behind the game is called "Echo Sports" but you are designing the Player Manager site.

What do you need?

We need 5 webpage designs - a homepage and 4 site pages. All 5 pages have been mocked up in the pdf attachment. We're happy for you to submit homepage designs first - we'll then ask the ones that hit the mark to submit the remaining 4 pages. Please note that we will only select a concept that contains all 5 pages.

Page 1: Landing page
Page 2: Where managers select and set price limits for their players
Page 3: Where managers invite friends to participate in a game
Page 4: Where managers see real-time scoring events and what it means for their winnings
Page 5: Where managers can see which real-life players are in rival manager squads, as well as how those players were obtained (via our automated player auction).

The design must reflect our game's cerebral and financial enjoyment. We want it current, clean, focused, sleek, slick, innovative and with gravitas. Our customers like brands such as Apple and Audi and so a black/white/grey colour base (www.apple.com) with a splash of red (www.audi.com) or orange (http://kia-buzz.com/?p=4806) may work - but please don't let that constrain your creativity. We're open to all ideas.

Pages 2-5 in our attachment should be self-explanatory.

As for our landing page, the numbers below refer to the numbers you'll see in the FIRST PAGE of the attachment (the homepage).

The three things we want people to do when they land on the home page is:

A: understand how it works and how its different from other games -(1) and (2)
B: understand their maximum profit potential from playing - (3)
C: try it - (4)

Sections (1) & (2): This must explain how our game works and how it's different. To do that, we want some sort of carousel (it doesn't have to be as pictured). Other examples of carousels are here:

We need images in (2) to match the following 7 themes which must be contained in the carousel:

A. effortless
B. win cash every week

C. select and set (selecting players and setting prices)
D. player auction (process of allocating players)

E. real-time updates
F. create bespoke competitions for friends
G. trash and cash (real-time trash-talk with, and referral earnings from, your friends games)

The text that appears in (1) changes depending on what is currently showing in (2).

Section (3): This must explain the profit potential.
It must be clear that this part is interactive: ie, the numeric steppers that say 2, 6 and 12 should be usable. Feel free to suggest other numerical selecters (eg sliders etc). The 100 and 20 numbers change based on what the user selects.

Section (4): This must be the call to action. We want it to compel the user to try it.

(Other): The PlayerManager logo is currently being crowd-sourced on crowdspring. We will be choosing it shortly. Please just use a dummy logo for now and I will update the brief when we have made our selection. We also need a log-in button in the top right (as shown) as well as the footer (links and badges).

Who Is Your Audience?

Our customers are predominantly male, aged 25-44 (with a key segment 25-34). They are uber-sportsfans (following, supporting and discussing with their friends), have an analytical bent, engage with social media (facebook, twitter or specialist fantasy football forums) and enjoy taking calculated risks (such as poker). They are likely to be tertiary educated and in a professional occupation.


We Like These Examples

http://www.webtemplatesblog.com/archives... (for seeing how red, white and black come together)

www.apple.com and www.audi.com (as mentioned above - they appeal to our target market)

www.wonga.com (for its clarity of purpose)

www.yammer.com (for its call to action)

www.blip.fm (for its immediacy of the user getting involved)

www.twitter.com (for its simplicity)

We Absolutely Must Have

All 5 pages (but you can submit the homepage first for our initial feedback).

We need the look & feel to be reflected throughout the whole site so we require you to supply the design elements (fonts, colour palette, buttons, heading styles, notice shapes, icons, link styles, boxes, backgrounds, borders, navigation bars etc) from your concept.

HOMEPAGE: The 4 main homepage sections contained in slide 1 of the attachment. The dimensions have not been set and if you can think of a better layout, please try it out. We need 7 images to match the 7 themes (A-G) in the homepage carousel. If you can't supply images and this is holding you back from submitting your ideas, please submit without them. However, we will place greater weighting on those ideas with images when making our decision.

OTHER PAGES: The 4 other site pages will be within a Flash window and so do not need any other parts other than those described (eg site navigation).



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