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Bradley Screening is different than the typical drug screening & background checks company. Located in Montgomery, Alabama, we're one of the only ones in our area to offer these services locally and we are family owned & operated. We are able to offer a great experience to our customers through a location that feels home-y in comparison to the typical screening/testing office that is typically cold/dark/bland. We have great relationships with our customers because of our culture that is lead by a focus on quality and customer experience.

We offer background checks through EzyChecks online platform and we are an eScreen provider offering drug tests, Department of Transportation tests, and finger printing. Some of our greatest strengths and differentiators are… 1. Our reliability and quick delivery - our results are always fast and accurate. 2. Our knowledge and experience in the field (we were first to market when we began in 1969) and 3. Our care for our customers success and quality of service first.

Our main customers are HR managers, Staffing recruiters, applicants, or general consumers in need of our services. Really any company or anyone in need of substance testing or background screening. We typically service those in our local area now but with our online systems, we can services tons of locations on a National level. We are building a new website with the goal of attaining National Reach within the United States.


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Concrete, Organic, Luxurious, Mature, Serious, Feminine, Minimal, Modern
  • About Us

    This page will offer information about the company, directions,certifications and security and compliance information. (See Site Map)

  • Drug Testing

    This company provides tools for employers to screen applicants for jobs. Drug testing is a sepeperate but very specific service that requires information for the client. DOT -Department of Transportation- compliance, FAQs & Learning will be on this page.

  • Background Checks

    Bradley Screening provides background checks for employers wishing to vet applicants prior to hiring or after making an offer of employment. These checks include criminal records, driving records, employment, education and other verifications. There will be an Overview, Sample Reports, Services, FAQ and Learning as well as a client login. (See Site Map)

  • Home Page

    This page should represent the main areas of the website and should embody the vision for the website. Instant impression that speaks to what is in the creative brief. Follow best web practices & trends, include an auxilary navigation menu at the top. Looking for a well-rounded homepage that could sell itself.

Measures of Success

A National Presence, Increased web traffic and online leads, A place where potential customers can see that we can handle their jobs and current customers feel confident that they hired us.

Top 3 Things

Experienced & Highly-Capable, Service/Customer-Driven, and Quality-Focused


The winning website showcases we are a company that can take on your job (no matter who you are/where you are), provide professional results, with great delivery time, and make the experience a great one. We want a website that can take us to a National Presence and stand up tall against our competitors. The winning website follows best web practices, trends, and users who goes to it should instantly see & believe that we are great at what we do.

Additional Info

We provide our screening services through eScreen and background checks through Ezycheck. Here is our current website: http://www.bradleyscreening.com/main.htm.... We do have a logo but are not closed-minded to changing the color to fit a new design if it's needed.
Largest competition is ESS in Birmingham- www.es2.com/. Background Screening services mainly the Human Resources industry although small business owners, managers and other personnel tasked with hiring the best talent possible use these services. The main thrust should show a friendly, easy and convenient company to work with. This is NOT a scary service but rather an essential piece of providing a safe and productive envioronment for both customers and employees.



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