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About Your Company

Bigshopper.nl and Bigshopper.com is a price comparison website.


Colors to Explore




Preferred Fonts
  • Sans-serif

  • Mono

Required Features
  • Search

    Search your website based on a simple search term.

  • Social Sharing
    Social Sharing

    Tools that help users share your website on their social media profiles.

  • Advertisements

    Space on the site for advertisements to appear.

  • Other

    Something else not listed here. Please specify in your brief.

Concrete, Rigid, Economical, Mature, Playful, Masculine, Minimal, Modern
  • Homepage

    There are two homepages. One for the different countries and one overall (splash page where you can choose your language/country). Both need to be designed. The homepage for the specific languages/countries need to have a clear search bar with auto suggest function. Suggestion: maybe it's nice to show numbers for example with amount of suppliers and amount of products on the homepage.

  • Search result page

    The search result page should show clearly the products, a comparison, the cheapest price/price discount and filters (brand, color, price, supplier, etc.)

  • Product comparison page

    This page shows the product with all the different prices from all the suppliers. You should be able to see all the product details, a bread crumb, the price differences, the prices for every supplier, etc. It should be clear that you are on a price comparison website and the buttons to click out to the supplier website should be clearly visible.

  • Overview pages

    There are a few overviewpages: 1. Brands (with all the brands of the products), 2. Categories (with all categories of all products) 3. Suppliers (a page with all the suppliers). These pages need to be designed. Unfortunately there are a lot of categories and brands, so we won't be able to add logo's for every brand.

Measures of Success

Clear and clean design with focus on outclicks and it should be clear that visitors are on a price comparison website.

Top 3 Things

Clean, modern, professional


Distinctive design compared to other price comparison websites.

Additional Info

Pages should have a bread crumb, the search function/bar should be clearly visbile and please use our current logo. In the header should be a country/language switch option. The current website can be seen at https://bigshopper.nl and at https://bigshopper.com We will be operating in around 16 countries. The buttons to go to the supplier websites (out clicks) should be clearly visible. Related products should also be visible (on product comparison pages). Any nice suggestions/ideas are welcome!



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