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The design will be for the homepage for BeerLife Social Networking site, that will be at beerlife.com. The logo has been selected and the design should be done around the logo and with that theme and style in mind. The website should be professional, clean, and fun. The site will be primarily for college student and that audience should be kept in mind. The design of the site will be somewhat limited and the limitations need to be kept in mind. The site is running on the social engine platform, which can be seen at

another example of what the homepage can look like can be seen at



http://beta.mytransponder.com/home.php (i think this is the best example and the closest to what im looking for)

I will not have any of the top friends box, most popular members box, or the what's new box that are present in the first site mentioned.

designers may want to create an account on the first or second site to get an idea what the interior of the site looks like because the theme of the homepage design will have to work for the entire site.

The homepage should be fun, simple and inviting as well and allow users to "get" what the site is about and make them want to join.

the only real limitation is the "sign in box" and a join now box that must be there, other than that im open to seeing some different ideas.

the text that needs to be on the main page is something I am open to seeing different ideas, as long as it is inviting expresses the point of the site and makes people want to join. The following is a link to a mock up I did not like but included the text i gave them, which is what the site is about.


I repeat i did not like this design so dont do this, keep in mind this is a site for college students-

the logo and tag line for the site are attached.

the main sentence for the site is

"BeerLife is a Lifestreaming utility/service for college students to Record, Remember, and Share the best times of their life"

then there are the three points of the site

Record, Remember, and Share with each of these expanded on in the link to the mock i posted.

I am not married to any text, again i am more concerned with creating a really fun, clean, professional, and inviting site that college students will sign up for when they visit the site. I hope this helps and look forward to seeing some amazing designs! Good Luck to everyone.



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