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There are no client updates at this time.

Again, my friend needs helping hands from me to manage and handle this project in here.

He need to designing a website for his son.

His son, right now, is 2 years old. He like to playing football/soccer, and some other things to do. Very attractive

Definitely, this site will be managed by his wife, to posting news, blog, article, etc or uploading their son's photos into web gallery page.

Please use some son's photos from http://www.flickr.com/photos/temanzum/

We're looking some handy illustration works to do on home page. Cartoonist, character, floral etc it's okay.

Colorful, of course. Nice looking, absolutely yes! Modern is a must, not old school or web on under 1998 look a like. Also not too web 2.0ish, a bit less ;)

Fresh and unique, oh yeah.....

Main navigation:

* Home

* Notepad

* Gallery

* About

* Contact

On the home/main page, we want to see some:

* "latest news" space - see www.concentric-studio.com i like to see their title "latest news" in a big font

* some image/photo of my friend's son, it can smaller or bigger

* a photo gallery space, of course thumbnail only

* a little space for "about my friend's son"

* other thing? we're open idea for that. you can also put some a little ads space if you want, just put in somewhere but must in good place

Also we forgot, the domain is www.bubzky.com. So the name is "bubzky" on the home page. We don't have any logo for that. Play around your creativity to working for logo itself. But the logo should be works with the web design.

We want to look you idea, creativity, and of course your killer design. But please note; avoid a pink color on your works.

We both, myself and my friend will be controlling your entry at least 1-2 days, we will give the feedback as soon as possible as we have a moments.




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