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The author is a NYT reviewed and award winning author and psychologist who is looking for a new website to act as an umbrella for all his activities including promoting his new book out now on Bill Clinton.

We would like a site that is professional, clean, easy to add new material to (extra space for menus), and presents the author in a serious, but approachable manner.

The author's name is John Gartner and the new book is called: In Search of Bill Clinton: A Psychological Biography.


We would prefer for the site to showcase the new book especially and expect it to be front and center.

The author has another book which you can find at: http://hypomanicedge.com/ You can use images of his other book there if you wish.

We thought of this site with a dark grey or black background with clean lines and "serious" look to go with the new book. White could also work well. But you're the designers... surprise us.

There is not a lot of current content, so designers can use filler text (Lorem Ipsum) or any content in the files or on his old site: http://hypomanicedge.com/ What matters to us is the design.

For the final delivery we need Photoshop files with layers suitable for use in constructing a full working website.

We hope that this is a fun and high-profile site for a new (or old) designer/bibliophile and we eagerly look forward to seeing your creativity.

We were very impressed by the www.crowdspring.community and we had to try it out... Of course we will award the money as indicated, but there are other firms working on the project so even if we pay you for your design it may or may not be used on the final site.

Best of luck to all of you and we appreciate your efforts on this project... Contact us for any other information you need.



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