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Let me tell you about us:

Our web site is called AntiqueMalls.com. It is not live yet. When it is done, it will do the following three things for web site visitors:

1.) It will let them find AntiqueMalls near them (or any other specified location)

2.) It will let them plan a trip and find antique malls that are along the way

3.) It will let them search for and find antiques that antique malls have listed on the site for sale.

Here is what we need:

We need a web site that is simple and will allow people to do the above three things extremely easy. In other words, without too many words, people will be able to navigate to one of those three things from anywhere on the site.

Our target audience is:

Antique buyers are our target audience. Does that help? :) I would guess that the age is probably 30 to 40 on up. I would guess that it is fairly evenly divided between male and female (leaning towards more female though)

We like these designs:

We usually like simple designs. We like "Web 2.0" type sites. Nice, clean, and clear. Sorry for not providing links. You can look at one of our other sites. It is http://www.EstateSales.NET . This site is very basic. We do want a better design than this, but this may show you how the search for antique malls will work. (This site lets you search for estate sales or estate sale companies)

Our design absolutely must have:

1.) We want something that is fixed width and centered.

2.) The design should have 4 main menu items that won't move once we use the design on all sub pages: Home, Find Stores, Plan a Trip, Find Antiques. We will also want to have a link that is for store owners. This will be for them to find out info about signing up to be listed on the site.

3.) It should have a search box and shopping cart / account info on the page

4.) The main content area needs to have a white background. I'd prefer if the page / header background color was NOT white if possible.

Things we dont like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc.

1.) Our logo has a green color that we like, but aren't specifically tied to it. If you want to change the color of the logo, you can, but please stay away from yellows, reds, and purples.

2.) I don't want pictures of people.

Some things to consider doing:

1.) When people go antiquing, they sometimes call it "Treasure Hunting." You might consider using an old Treasure Map for the outside edges of the site.

2.) You might also consider using old vintage paper or canvas for the background.

I'm not tied to the above two items in anyway. I'm just trying to give you some possible ideas that we came up with.



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