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Required Features
  • Slideshow

    A gallery of images that users can page through.

  • User Login
    User Login

    Allows you to have content specific to logged in users.

  • Other

    Something else not listed here. Please specify in your brief.

Organic, Concrete, Economical, Youthful, Playful, Masculine, Minimal, Modern
  • Home/ Booking Page

    The Home page's highlighted feature should be the flight search & booking engine. It should be big and bold (in our colors), easy to use, similar to the ticket search plugin seen on renniestravel.com or jetblue.com. Additionally, there will be a slideshow(s) of company photos, latest promotions and company announcements and link to personnel stories that can be seen on the "Our Team" page. The footer can look like the bottom of our aircrafts which is a large navy stripe at the bottom with two red stripes above seperated by white space (for all pages). (We will include photos).

  • Our Facilities

    There are two major facilities, and three ticket counters Nassau (being the largest counter), Bimini and Congo Town. Visitors should have the ability to click on the location from the top of the page. The two major facilities are San Andros- Headquarters and Grand Bahama- Northern Hub each facility will have a write up of what each facility includes, specific locations along with photos. Further below are the ticket counters with smaller write ups accompanied with photos

  • Where we fly

    This page should be a large blue map (varying shades of blue water) of the Bahamas and greater Caribbean inclusive of Jamaica and Dominican Republic/ Haiti. In the map we would be need to see Florida, Central America and atleast the top of South America . All the locations we go should be written out in white bold font. There should be red airplanes with curved lines between the destinations representing scheduled flights. Scheduled flights are between Nassau and Freeport. Nassau and San Andros, Nassau and Bimini, Nassau and Congo Town. Kingston Jamaica and Santo Domingo should be tagged in orange with a small tag that says New Route. White airplanes can be placed through out the region to represent On - Demand Charters. (Cuba, Cancun, Turks & Caicos, etc. and the other Bahamian airports where we dont offer scheduled flights) By clicking the On- Demand locations it should carry you to the On- Demand Charter page. Under the Map can be a list of New Routes. Please look at jetblue.com for an idea.

  • Travel Guide

    This should be a large photo of an airplane/ or wing flying in the sky. Underneath should be organized in boxed segments. 1)Baggage Information (a list of baggage policies should be seen), 2) Special Travel Needs, 3) Airport Information ( will have a list of airports we operate to with website links) 4) Destination Information, 5) Flight Cancellations or Delays, and 6) FAQs

Measures of Success

Increase sales and the ability to answer FAQs

Top 3 Things

Reliability, company culture and establishment


We want the photos to truly represent the region (no general island stock photos with forest mountains, as the Bahamas has no mountains), the types of aircrafts we fly, (we operate Saab 340As, ERJ 145 jets) so no oversized aircraft stock photography. We would like the website to stay within our color schemes. Our colors are navy, red and white.

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