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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Established in 1913, WRJ is the umbrella organization for women's groups within the Reform Jewish Congregations around the world. We represent more than 65,000 women in over 500 womens groups in North America and internationally.

With a mission to ensure the future of Reform Judaism, WRJ works to educate and train future sisterhood and congregational leadership about membership, fundraising, leadership skills, advocacy for social justice, and innovative and spiritual programming.

Our current website is www.wrj.org

What do you need?

We are seeking a revamped website design that is user-friendly, interactive, attractive, and dynamic. It should immediately engage users, and offer an intuitive approach for site features, calls to action, and the general provision of information.

The current site presence is somewhat outdated and outmoded, and the navigation conventions dont allow the user to interact effectively with the broad range of content on deeper levels of the site. We seek to rectify these navigational constraints and open up the overall site experience.

The face of our new site should constitute a fresh design that is both colorful and contemporary, and with a direct appeal to women. We envision a design that also takes advantage of imagery to convey our message.

Specifics of what we need are indicated below in the "We absolutely must have" section of this brief.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our target audience is women within or interested in Reform Judaism, our sisterhoods, and congregational leadership. Additionally, the larger Jewish community, and the general public interested in the work and mission of our organization. Fringe audience may also include students, academia, and the press.


We Like These Examples

Clean and colorful.
Easy and comprehensive navigation.
Prominent calls to action (how our graphic buttons could be executed).
Use of home page tab strip to toggle news and other content types.

Clean and easy to navigate.
Content well presented on home page.

General balance of currency and ease of use.
Use of evokative imagery and video assets.

http://www.kzoo.edu/college (for the use of a fixed sub-navigation only)

http://www.cometoscotland.com (for the use of the home page gallery only)

We Absolutely Must Have


1) Home page graphic template

2) Sub-page graphic template

3) Global navigation convention (preferably horizontal, with vertically cascading sub-menus)

4) Graphic buttons for calls-to-action (described under Site Components)

5) Graphic treatments (described under Look & Feel)

6) CSS style sheet (suggested)



General Considerations:

Clean, contemporary, not overtly busy. Heartfelt design, with a feminine and spiritual (but not religious) feel. Flowing and colorful. Expanded site dimensions, with templates optimized for 1024 x 768 centered screen resolution. Background color or image for margins (left, right, bottom) for those viewing with larger screen resolutions.


There is online/offline equity in the current site colors. They must be retained, but we are actively seeking an expansion of the color palette.

Our logo and current color scheme consist of the circle leaf and the colors dark beige, light beige, green, orange, and blue. The aforementioned expansion of the palette should avoid overtly bright choices, as well as primary colors. We seek inviting selections that complement the existing color palette. Note that the current colors are not currently used in a structured manner (such as to define a content area or service), but a less arbitrary approach could certainly be considered.

Current logo pantones:

Dark Beige: PMS 451
Light Beige: PMS 454
Green: PMS 382
Blue: PMS 638
Orange: PMS 1235


We would like a more readable font and font color, taking advantage of greater contrast between font color and background treatments. Please bear in mind that a text re-size/accessibility option will exist on the new site.


We are seeking to move away from the current home page image, which we believe has run its course. Although the multigenerational theme is still appropriate, we would like to pursue new, full-color options. While stock photography is an option, we will also consider selections from our internal image reserves. The home page will contain a prominent slideshow/multimedia module where these visual assets will be displayed.

Graphic Treatments:

Certain graphic treatments, such as oft-used flutter of leaves, appear on existing site pages. We would like to see additional/appropriate graphic elements developed within the new site design that draw from the existing logo (perhaps a continuation of the nature theme). These graphics would be largely used as background elements (transparencies, subtle treatments, watercolor effects) and would reinforce the existing logo. These elements would then provide more versatile and recurring graphic themes throughout the site, and could ideally double as standalone branding elements. This is merely a suggestion we want the designer to run with extensions of the current logo, whatever those interpretations might be. To provide a bit of background on the meaning of the logo, the circle branching out from the leaves symbolizes the world and Reform Judaism on a global level. The incomplete nature of the circle suggests that our work is unfinished, and that our task is ongoing.



We are seeking a global navigation convention that provides both ease-of-use and inherent flexibility. The addition of graphic buttons for certain calls to action may allow us to pursue a horizontal navigation bar (due to the commensurately reduced number of global navigation menu items). However, we are open to vertical treatments as well, as our top-level categories for the new site have not been fully determined. In either case, cascading sub-menus (a second level and potentially a tertiary level) would launch on rollover from either the horizontal or vertical global navigation menu. The graphic buttons should be designed and arranged in uniform manner, claiming page real estate that is prominent but distinct from the global navigation menu.

Potential global navigation items for the purposes of comp designs alone - would consist of the following:

- About WRJ
- Whats New
- Advocacy
- Service to Sisterhoods
- The YES Fund
- The Torah A Womens Commentary
- Catalog

Graphic call-to-action buttons for the purposes of comp designs alone - would consist of the following:

- Donations
- E-newsletter
- E-Cards
- Social Media
- Sign-In
- Sisterhood Search

Both the global navigation bar and the graphic buttons would work in concert to channel visitor traffic, offering single-click access to all site content.



Home Page:

- WRJ logo
- Intro copy area (defined central location for text-only content)
- Slideshow/multimedia gallery
- Global navigation menu
- Cascading sub-menus
- Home page graphic buttons (with rollover states):
o Donations
o E-newsletter sign-up
o Social media Facebook + YouTube
o Site/member sign-in
o Sisterhood search (by zip/post code)
- Promotional area (e.g. Catalog, E-cards, etc)
- Tab strip area (e.g. news, events, announcements, etc)
- Utility links/buttons:
o Site search
o Email/Print/Share
o Resources
o Text footer (e.g. sitemap, privacy, etc)


- WRJ logo
- Main content area
- Global navigation menu
- Cascading sub-menus
- Sub-page graphic buttons (more concise than home page):
o Donations button
o E-newsletter sign-up button
o Social media button(s) Facebook + YouTube
o Site/member sign-in
o Sisterhood search (by zip/post code)
- Utility links/buttons:
o Site search
o Email/Print/Share
o Breadcrumbs
o Text re-size (AA)
o Resources
o Text footer (e.g. sitemap, privacy, etc)
- Specialized left navigation (vertical)
o Leadership Dashboard
o E-commerce



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