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The B.A.S.E.E.O. Team Worldwide is a world renowned training and development organization that exists solely to empower people. This organization, founded by multi-millionaire network marketing guru James Tucker Jr., is an industry leader in the Network Marketing industry and has already produced several millionaires.

B.A.S.E.E.O. is an acronym that stands for Brothers And Sisters Empowering Each Other, with the understanding that we are all brothers and sisters under God, one race, one creed. Our mantra is We are a team of like minded individuals empowering peoples lives as it relates to health and wealth, one family at a time. Better Health, Better Wealth, More Life. The ultimate vision for B.A.S.E.E.O. is a massive network of individuals who love, trust and care about each other and are in a position to work together to fuel and fund each others dreams and also make the type of impact that we are capable of making on this earth when we come together as one unit. Imagine if you were part of a team of thousands of like-minded individuals who care about each other and at least 40-50 of them are cash flowing $50-$60,000 per month, what couldnt we do?


What we are looking for is several things:

1) A design partner that can capture the essence of the B.A.S.E.E.O. vision on our homepage, i.e.- Landing Page as the cornerstone of what the B.A.S.E.E.O. online brand will look like.

2) Once landing page design is complete, we want to then pay this design partner to produce the design and coding of Phase I of our online site. This 5pg temporary starter site will include a homepage, about us, presentation page for our online video presentation imbedded from youtube, password protected training page where reps can download word and pdf documents as well as powerpoint presentations from the backend of the site, and lastly a contact us. Maybe a simple events calendar too if pricing is not grossly affected. We want to have this simple starter sign done ASAP, within 10 days if possible.

3) Once Phase I is completed and online, we want to begin on Phase II of our site, which will be a comprehensive and interactive marketing, training and development website for all of our 45,000 B.A.S.E.E.O. members worldwide that we plan to invest $4k-$8K in. If you are interested in being considered for Phase II, please send an email request directly to: Stovall.T@gmail.com and we will send you the detailed RFP for review and quote.

Through the website, BaseeoTeam.com, the B.A.S.E.E.O. vision will spread like wildfire throughout the country and the world, and individuals, groups and organizations will begin to seek B.A.S.E.E.O. out to become a part of our movement of financial freedom, health and empowerment. In addition, the B.A.S.E.E.O. brand will expand its reach to become THE number one recognized brand name in the network marketing industry. The website will achieve 3 main goals:

1) At a glance, have people to understand down to their core the vision of what B.A.S.E.E.O. is all about and want to be a part of our vision and our organization.

2) Educate potential warm and cold market leads on the history of network marketing, the unrivaled financial opportunity that network marketing provides and the tremendous opportunity that is available to them by working with the B.A.S.E.E.O. organization.

3) Significantly increase the effectiveness of the marketing efforts of all B.A.S.E.E.O. Team members by automating the process of taking a prospect from pique interest to customer or new representative registration.

All elements of the structure, information and design of the website visually will be created such that the website is opportunity driven, not product driven.


Any individual who is employed or looking for employment, self-employed, a business owner or investor who is interested in an opportunity to increase their time freedom and financial freedom and live the type of life that they deserve but have never seen access to really living. All ages from 18-65.

We are interested in appealing to the people who are looking for an opportunity for themselves and leaving those who happened upon the site and were not necessary looking for an opportunity with their interest piqued and finding themselves open and interested to learn more about our organization by the time they exit the site.


1)Our BASEEO Team logo

2)The colors purple, black and white



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