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Creative brief

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Business Name

Freight Fox Inc.

What do you do?

About Us:

We are a 3rd party shipping and logistics company that is dedicated to providing our clients with the most reliable and professional supply chain management solutions in the industry. Our expert team aims to improve our client’s efficiencies by offering custom tailored solutions resulting in significant improvements in operational efficiencies while reducing operating costs at the highest service level.

We specialize in managing any type of commercial freight within US and Canada. With over twenty years of combined industry experience, we understand that a high level of service, competitive pricing and strong carrier partnerships are the key to our continued growth and success.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and build custom tailored strategies that will add value to your organization and improve your bottom line.

What is your industry?

Consulting and Professional Services

Describe your audience

Manufacturer's, Importers, Exporters, Wholesales & Distributors

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through this content?

How we can add value to their business.
How we care help improve their bottom line.
How we can implement innovative solutions to increase their efficiencies.

How do you intend to use this content?

We will use it on our website and printed marketing materials.

What content must be included?

About Us - See website and uploaded material for starting point.
Solutions - Expand on the points that are listed on the current website, including the 3PL solutions that we offer, how we provide efficiencies, and about our quality assurance process.
Documents - A brief paragraph on how the customer can download materials from our website.
Cost Analysis - Page that offers the customer the opportunity to have us analyze their current shipping and logistics methods and provide a breakdown on how we can reduce their costs and improve their efficiencies. See http://www.lakesidebesmart.com/assessment for example.
Contact Us: A brief paragraph to entice customers to call or email us to discuss their needs.

Please see our website for further information:

What character, tenor or spirit do you wish to convey?

Professional, innovative & knowledgabe about the industry and workable solutions.

We really like the way the content has been put together on www.lakesidelogistics.com and would suggest using them as the prime example to look up to for this project.

What is your required length in words or pages for this web content?

We want to provide enough information to give the visitor and potential customer a better idea of how we can add value to their business. We want the visitor to be enticed enough from our website to want to do business with us and as a result will contact us to discuss their needs in further detail by phone or by email. The website is meant to be used primarily as a starting point to new business relationships.

Do you have additional info you want to include?

Please use our competitor's websites for reference only.

Content Resources:

Brief updates

By JuicyBrands on 26-Apr-13 3:18 a.m. GMT
We need to talk about "milk runs". Do some research about it. It's basically when you take 1 truckload of the same customer's product and haul across country while making multiple drops. For example the route may start in Toronto and end in California with 3 stops in between.

I think it would be appropriate to expand on the fact that we have a lot of strength in managing temperature controlled shipments and relationships with cold storage facilities and nationwide.

We are also starting an ocean freight division which combines three modes of transportation to develop the most efficient ways to ship including ocean, rail and road.

Some information that is brief (a line or two, short paragraph) should also be included for the home page.

Let's also mention some information about the commodities that we typically move. such as produce, berries, frozen foods, trade-shows, pharmaceuticals, heavy haulage using flatbeds, roll-tights, and tri-axles.

Also need to somehow mention in a savvy way that we put in place dedicated teams that understands your particular needs by understanding the habits and capabilities of each shipper and receiver that your work with.

The most important points are that we are the medium between our clients and their customers and as such we are on the front lines making sure that orders are received in a timely and cost effective manner,

Please research and discuss the capabilities and benefits of using KPIs and reporting to maximize efficiencies but looking at a breakdown of all costs. How much it costs to service every accounts. How to make adjustments in the right places to maximize profits and overall earnings.

Please research and discuss EDI capabilities which is about connecting databases together so that we can improve efficiencies using technology to streamline operations, orders, updates, etc.

Try to make the website a tool for enticing the visitor to want to work with us and take advantage of our knowledge and expertise.

Let's make it easy and comfortable to have flow within the website by getting the customer to want to connect with us. Perhaps a questionnaire that will make it easy to provide us with the right information so that we can start the process of analyzing their needs and finding solutions to improve their business operations.

I am available to discuss by phone at 905-251-7737 or you can ask me specific questions so that I can provide you with the answer and guidance you need to do the best job you can do.

Thanks you,


By JuicyBrands on 29-Apr-13 1:41 a.m. GMT
Providing more time for research and other entries.