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Creative brief

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Business Name


What do you do?

We allow Pinterest users to post music, maps, quotes, dates and more onto Pinterest.

What is your industry?


Describe your audience

Pinterest users, often small business people and marketers often private individuals, largely but not exclusively female.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through this content?

Why you would use Pinstamatic.
What Pinstamatic does.
How to get started with Pinstamatic.

How do you intend to use this content?

On the front page of the website.

What content must be included?

A description of why you would use Pinstamatic.
A description of what it does for you.
Examples of how people have used it.
Enough content to get someone started using Pinstamatic, i.e. a HOWTO.

The final copy should include any relevant screen grabs (of user examples and how to).

What character, tenor or spirit do you wish to convey?

Semi-formal - a gently convincing tone, check out any startup website to get the tone.

'Pinstamatic really can make a difference to how you XYZ ... we're constantly trying to improve."

What is your required length in words or pages for this web content?

This should be a fairly substantial piece of work, but forming a single web page, containing all the marketing copy required to convince someone of it's usefulness and how they can get started using it. The number of words is not important more the ability to convince and illustrate.

Do you have additional info you want to include?

There is a lot of material on the web about us now, please just google Pinstamatic, read some blogs (including out own - and that will explain how it works. I can answer questions about goals/aims etc. but I would expect the author to do the rest from what they have read on the internet.

Once someone is selected I would ask them to include screen grabs that relate to the 'how to' part in the text.

Brief updates

By cazcade on 25-Aug-12 7:28 p.m. GMT
It’s very important to get the ‘Why?’ part really well - this is what sells us.The answer to that is: it’s so you can share richer content than pictures, such as maps, events, music etc. on Pinterest.

Getting this part across is so important, it’s the part where we need to both catch the attention of the reader and also educate a little, i.e. help them to think of why they would use it. And this should then immediate roll into examples of how they could use it themselves, which then leads into case studies of how people have used and then some testimonials which then leads into how to use Pinstamatic itself.

The progression basically goes from:

Why would I need it -> What would I use it for -> Who else uses it -> How do I use it.
By cazcade on 25-Aug-12 7:31 p.m. GMT
Some quotes to get you started for testimonials:


@ABFUPackMoving said: "@pinstamatic--LOVE your tools!"

@Spiderworking "I Make boring data pretty enough for Pinterest with @Pinstamatic"

@peetumoi "@Pinterest is cool and @Pinstamatic makes it even cooler. try it out!

@hamlinracing "Have you heard of @Pinstamatic ? It's the hottest way to personalize your Pinterest w/awesome features. --->"

@chrisbridgett (influencer) " oh how amazingly sexy and very very useful the Spotify app for Pinstamatic is ..oh I love it x"

@haikus " Thanks to @Pinstamatic I might be more active on @Pinterest ;-)"

@devon_maria9 " you can now share music on pinterest with @Pinstamatic ... ohhhh this is gonna be gooooood :)

@cctblues (influencer, apparently) " This is awesome. You can now pin @Spotify tunes to @Pinterestusing

DeCaroDesignCo " @Pinstamatic Love Pinstamatic. Everyone should use it!


Susan Daniels
"I'm having so much fun using Pinstamatic...a great little app for Pinterest. Check it out, it's great fun!"


Author: Ashley Zeckman

This application is impressive for a few reasons. It’s simple interface is easy to use and provides enormous value to followers

Business Application
I see a great benefit in Pinstamatic for B2B and B2C organizations. The website screen shot feature is a way to feature your company website or social media profile. Calendar planning is a fantastic way to make your followers aware of any events either on location or virtual that may be coming up.


The location based application is probably my favorite, I can see this turning into a place for customers to leave reviews of restaurants or businesses to share with their fans/friends/followers.
Author: Christina Thompson
Pinstamatic allows you to go beyond adding just pictures to Pinterest. You are able to add music, quotes, calendar dates, Twitter profiles, websites and more. This allows you to take it beyond just boards for viewing but sharing features similar to Facebook and Twitter.
Author: Amanda Webb
Pinstamatic is a cool tool that allows you to turn all sorts of data into visual Pinterest posts

" is going to be very useful for those of us not working in a hugely visual space but who love Pinterest."