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Starts:27-Apr-11 6:04 p.m. GMT

Ends:18-May-11 6:04 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $500, was awarded to Wryter

Award 2: $250, was awarded to davefymbo




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Creative brief

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Business Name


What do you do?

We create cool questions that incite interesting discussions between people in relationships.

What is your industry?


Describe your audience

Our primary audience is people in romantic relationships. Our secondary audience is people who are in unique and long-term relationships such as parent-child or best friends.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through this content?

We would like our audiences to explore interesting relationship subject matter, both inside and outside of their current comfort zones by reading, thinking about, answering and sharing answers to sets of 4-10 questions.

How do you intend to use this content?

We will be using the content for a variety of quizzes.

What content must be included?

Word Document - Required (See attached SampleWordSubmission.docx)
a. Name the document in the following format
i. “Question Set Title – Question Set Subject.doc/x”
b. Submission Title
c. Your Email
d. 4-10 Questions
e. Corresponding answer choices
f. Relationship stage(s) to which the questions pertain
g. Subject(s) of the question set
h. Intention of question set: (ie: To explore fun things to do or become better parents etc.)


Excel Document - Recommended but not required (See attached SampleExcelSubmission.xlsx)
a. Name the Document in the following format
i. “Question Set Title – Question Set Subject.xls/x”
b. Submission Title
c. Your email
d. 4-10 Questions & Question Types
e. Corresponding Answers

What character, tenor or spirit do you wish to convey?

We would like a range of submissions that will incite everything from light-hearted fun to serious and potentially uncomfortable but important discussions. Please see our QuestionFactoryBrief v1.2.pdf for detail.

What is your required length in words or pages for this web content?

4-10 questions of reasonable length and corresponding answer choices between 1-20 words per answer choice.

Do you have additional info you want to include?

The first place prize is $500 and second is $250; however, additional submissions we like will be independently negotiated for purchase outside of the CS platform. Also, please read our attached creative brief in full.

Brief updates

By questionfactory on 11-May-11 3:11 p.m. GMT
Dear Writers,

We are extending the project by one week to allow more people the opportunity to make submissions.

Thank you for all the entries and keep up the good work!

All the best,