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File 1: New_Site_QA.pdf (4.6 KB)

Uploaded on 11-Feb-11 5:04 p.m. GMT

Creative brief

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Business Name

Rise Construction

What do you do?

Remodeling/Construction Firm.

What is your industry?


Describe your audience

This new site is being designed not only to attract home-owner clients but primarily to attract high-end architectural & design firms to our company. By this I mean that we want these architects and designers to read through our site and take away that we are committed to collaborating closely with them and ultimately building their designs. That being said there needs to be a balance between selling/speaking to the home owners and architects and designers.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through this content?

1. That we are the type of construction firm who will be respectful of their home and be able to provide them with the type of service they are accustom to when at the country club or a high-end restaurant.
2. That we are a large enough firm to handle a job of any scope.
3. When being read by an architect - that we are a firm they can feel confident will provide their clients with the level of service they would provide to their clients.

How do you intend to use this content?

On our website as page content.

What content must be included?

Landing page, about us, blog page.

What character, tenor or spirit do you wish to convey?

We are attempting to attract the upper scale clietns so think of Mercidis Benz comercials and the type of words used in them.

What is your required length in words or pages for this web content?

Landing page 125 words. Plog and about us pages maybe 80-100.

Do you have additional info you want to include?

Some of the construction companies in San Francisco who we are in the same class with are.

http://www.ryanassociates.com/ (Their content on their landing page seems to speak well to both home owners and architects/designers.)


http://www.morosoconstruction.com/ (Also good landing page content.)

Brief updates

By riseconstruction on 11-Feb-11 5:02 p.m. GMT
I’ve finally been able to go through a more detailed process of contemplating some questions related to my new company. I hope this is helpful to your writing process.

Rise Construction Site Ideas Q&A;

Company History:
Currently my construction company is called Olson Design & Construction - current (old) site www.odandc.com. Founded on 8/19/98. At the time of founding I was interested in offering design/build services but over the years I’ve discovered that offering design has made me appear a threat to designers & architects so I’m now changing to construction management exclusively.

1. What are your current business objectives?
a. Change our marketing strategy from home owner to designer/architect firms.
b. Focus on attracting larger $250-$600.000 remodeling projects.
c. Provide construction management rather than design/build services.
d. Do more work with charity organizations as a means of marketing.

2. How do you think your website can be a powerful business-building tool now and down the road?
a. Making sure the site is more affective for viral marketing.
b. Create a home page for each of my customers on which they can have testimonials and before & after images of their own project. We would then ask them to send this link out to all of their friends referring us.

3. Who are the target audiences you wish to reach? (e.g. architect and design firms, # of employees, approx size/billings) Rank each audience in terms of importance.
a. Architectural firms would be the number one target. Firms with one-twenty employees these are the firms doing projects as small as $250-$600,000.
b. Design firms run second but are also key to the strategy as they tend to be very loyal to the contractors they work with. So the one person design firms are actually a great target for me.

4. What do you want each audience to do? Fill out a form? Call you?
a. Call would be my goal. I don’t like to fill out forms and I don’t think that efficient people like to either.

5. What do you want them to know about Rise Const.? What’s your unique value proposition? Eg. Custom kitchens and bathrooms? Carpentry? “efficiency”?
a. Affective management is the core message to both of these groups.
b. Secondary would be a sensibility for design and an enthusiasm to achieve their, the architect or designers, design objectives.

6. List your services and rank in order of importance: general contracting, custom kitchen and bath, etc
a. Extensive residential remodeling.
b. Kitchen remodeling
c. Lite commercial remodeling.
d. NO talk about bathroom remodeling. (There’s no $$ in it.)

7. What is the key message you wish to convey to each of your target audiences?
a. To architects/designers – collaboration, they want to know that we are going to help them realize their design objectives and not stand in the way.
b. To home owner – efficient & affective management of projects done in a timely manner with clear communication & their budget as our primary goal.

By riseconstruction on 14-Feb-11 8:02 a.m. GMT
Please consider this project closed/completed.

I would like to thank each of the creative’s who took the time to submit work for this project. At this point I have chosen a writer to complete this project with.